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  • Posted to We Built a Crypto Exchange - The PIT, in reply to Andrew Michael Todd , Dec 13, 2019

    So it's been a while and I missed this reply somehow. But we're "dumbing" things down all the time. Eventually we simply want to hide all this away from users. They send $5 and we do the conversions in the background, and the recipient gets $4.80, or $5 minus our fees.

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  • Posted to We Built a Crypto Exchange - The PIT, Jul 31, 2019

    So I also build in the crypto space (https://get-scatter.com/) and also have recently built an interface for a crypto exchange.

    The thing that I see again and again is a focus on charts and "advanced features" at the expense of ease of use. We have to accept that at some point we will hit the ceiling of available advanced users, and to expand and drive wider use we will have to target everyone else. This means "dumbed down" interfaces that are simpler and easier to use.

    This is not that.

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  • Posted to Miss Vogue: Summer Trends, Jul 26, 2019

    Well that got me to scroll through more fashion than I otherwise would have.

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  • Posted to Asked to make 70+ page wire prototype. Madness?, Jul 14, 2019

    You must be new.

    70+ page wireframes is standard for real software. Real software with complex workflows and deep functionality is hard to design and harder to maintain.

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