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  • Posted to Why Designernews search so bad?, Jun 10, 2017

    Maybe it's better to ask how can DN's search be improved? When I search for an article I read last week on Figma, I'd prefer to see the most recent articles first–not from over a year ago.

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  • Posted to Personal Site Design Breakdown - Draft, Feb 05, 2017

    There are some good points made about the way in which the site reviewed positions itself and it's service, but calling it 'honestly one of the best examples of a personal website I’ve ever seen.' – that's a bit much.

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  • Posted to Golden ratio calculator, in reply to Jacky S , Oct 02, 2016

    I'm not sure this article provides a lot of proof to your point. The author shows images with the stereotypical 'golden ratio' overlay, declares them 'FAKE!', and then finds a few designers who don't use it.

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  • Posted to Crew raises $8.5 million to make life easier for design freelancers, Jul 22, 2015

    I can't imagine the pay is very good for these freelance contracts, not to mention being paired with 2 other random people.

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