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  • Posted to Best interviewing experience?, Feb 13, 2020

    Hi! I started to find design jobs but don't find anything and decide to change job. When I shared thoughts with my friends they advise me to start trading and search for something on the Internet, because it's good to work and I can work at home. And I started to look for information on the Internet: read the article on the topic of trading, watch the video and then came across a site https://fx-list.com/blog/articles/profiting-from-currency-trading with information for brokers company. Now I have a lot of free time and have a positive, social impact.

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  • Posted to What do designers need?, Sep 30, 2019

    I was always want to be a designer but I was don't know what need to do at first. I ended courses on the Internet and decided to make a portfolio when I was ended this part I took my first customer It was really wonderful experience for me. And now I'm working on freelance and last my work was site for a beauty salon where they describe all hairdressers https://lovehairstyles.com/short-haircuts-for-women-over-60/. Its interesting work.

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  • Posted to What is your design career goal?, Aug 27, 2019

    I was always want to be designer but I was dont know what need to do at first. I ended a courses in the Internet and decided makes a portfolio when I was ended this part I taked a my first customer It was really wonderful expiriance for me. And now Im work on freelance and last my work was site for barbershop where they describe all hairdresses, jewfro, comb over, short haircuts for men https://menshaircuts.com/short-haircuts-for-men-guide/ and so on. Its interesting work.

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  • Posted to No more than 4 colours and still cool, Jan 03, 2019

    Yes, site look beautiful when have 4 colors

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  • Posted to They say don't ever work with friends, but what if you collaborate with all of them at once though?, Dec 16, 2018

    Hi) I'm a web designer and always I should exhibit my work on Behance, and I pry into other work when I need something quick to make and there are no ideas. But I don't like to work with my friends but like to work with Chinese clients, they are very good clients. But always I need to use a professional translator https://adgloriam-translations.com/ because the Chinese language is very hard to understand for me. When they help me to translate all clients remain satisfied.

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  • Posted to How do designers collaborate with copywriters?, Oct 07, 2018

    When I do a design, I don’t always cooperate with a copywriter, and it’s not always good, since you don’t see the amount of information. It’s possible to make a cool design and there’s so much text that you don’t have anywhere. And it happens that you don’t even need a copywriter, https://777score.ph, did the design, and the data themselves pull out without interacting with the copywriter.

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  • Posted to How do you manage your finances as a freelancer?, Sep 18, 2018

    I am also a freelancer and in order to at least somehow track my income earlier I used a lot of tricks, wrote down on paper, then in a callendar, but eventually I installed a program for business CRM https://closer.bot/why-do-businesses-need -a-crm/. And I note my income in it and what orders I make to whom, it is very convenient.

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  • Posted to I created a site to collect the best books for entrepreneurs, Aug 09, 2018

    If you already have a website, then you need to promote it, that more people would know about it and use it. I for my site ordered the promotion on the site https://bsg.world/products/sms-gateway/, after their newsletter about the site learned a lot and users became more

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