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  • Posted to Introducing the new Microsoft Edge, Jan 17, 2020

    It is me or does that tablet photo look like a really bad photoshop job?


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  • Posted to In Defence Of WordPress, in reply to Sacha Greif , May 23, 2015

    Same problem for us. We use Capistrano / Git to deploy and due to our server permission levels, the auto-update failed.

    I think the ideal scenario is to allow Wordpress to auto-update the current install, receive an email that your Wordpress install was updated, perform the update locally, and push up when your next release is scheduled.

    Just my two cents.

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  • Posted to Hooks. Get desktop notifications with Javascript., Nov 12, 2014

    "Free version pushes notifications about the song Baby by Justin Bieber every 30 minutes."


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  • Posted to Design Patterns For Nested Forms, in reply to Cai Cardenas , Sep 30, 2014

    Awesome! That's exactly the kind of unique thought I was looking for. I've actually seen this implemented quite nicely in the Basecamp mobile app as well.

    Edit-- ha, Rob I thought the same thing!

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  • Posted to Fenix 2.0 - Static Web Servers for Your Desktop (Mac+Win), Jun 21, 2014

    Their screenshots are Mac OSX programs that show a Windows file directory C:\Users

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