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  • Posted to Live Design System Bootcamp in Figma and Notion, Sep 15, 2020

    Hey DN,

    We've updated our Live Design System Bootcamp following feedback from students. If you have any questions just grab some time with me via Calendly from VideoAsk widget.

    Hope to design live with you soon!

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  • Posted to Design System Remote Bootcamp - Figma & Notion, Jun 16, 2020

    Hey DN!

    We've opened up our August Design System Bootcamp. Our July Bootcamp filled in 6 hours which is cool. This Bootcamp focuses on helping 10 designers around the world create a sustainable design system that doesn't collect dust. Yep! Moving beyond Figma components, you'll use Figma, Notion, Loom, Miro, and Toggl during Bootcamp to create a transparent design system for you and your team to constantly improve.

    I hope you can join our next Bootcamp and any questions, you can grab some time with me via the VideoAsk link on the page - A great intro product for anyone interested!

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  • Posted to Remote UX/UI Bootcamp , Jun 09, 2020

    Hey DNers

    I'm the founder of Memorisely and doing my best to make learning UX/UI accessible. We've recently launched our Remote Bootcamps which bring 10 designers around the world together to learn the latest workflows, with the latest tools - figma, Notion, Miro, Loom etc. Every week designers join a collaborative Miro class, which are presentation free and over the 6 weeks they follow the design thinking framework to solve a real problem for a specific community.

    Anyhow, any questions, just let me know. Soon we'll be running Bootcamps in parallel ✌️

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  • Posted to Does a UX Designer Need to Learn Coding?, May 30, 2020

    For me, it's worth focusing your attention on designing. Every minute spent learning code is one lost developing your product design skills.

    Best of luck :)

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