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  • Posted to Stop Misusing Icon Cues on Menus, Mar 08, 2021

    Nope, the X is widely used in input fields to give the user a chance to empty the field instantly. This solution would be a major break, as most user would expect that.

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  • Posted to I've Published my first mobile app as a Designer!, Oct 29, 2020


    Maybe it's just me, but the font looks extremely squished and - at least for me - hard to read.

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  • Posted to FeedBaxley: Widget for user feedback, Oct 21, 2020

    Small things I found:

    • If the text is left blank, I get the green tick icon but if I look at the console the error "Comment can't be blank" is returned. Disable the submit button until some text is entered
    • The contrast of the X icon and the header text at all is really bad. It's getting worse if I choose my own color
    • It feels some kind of unfinished. Add some animations, loading seems like nothing happens, appears laggy most of the time.
    • I would create the possibility to link it with actual users of an App. I have no way of replying the user. Do I get an answer? Does someone even read it? I don't know...
    • Why should I go pro? What are the constraints?
    • Why do I have to logout to get to the homepage? After that I can get to the pricing page to see what pro features are
    • I don't get the feedback that I should try it later if I create more than 3 feedbacks in a short amount of time.

    After all it looks like an early prototype (personal opinion, please don't get mad, just want to be honest), but keep up the work :)

    Best Florian

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  • Posted to Bidirectional scrolling: what’s not to like?, Sep 29, 2020

    If I would compare your solution directly with the current one, I would switch to the original version immediately. Why? Because on your design the number of available movies appears much lower. Most of the time I don't know what I want to watch.

    Also I don't think the same about your points over hiding content:

    • it increases the chance users won’t see it It triggers curiosity. I don't really care if I don't see a movie if I find one that I want to see. You can't compare it with a dropdown menu where the information is viable for using your product.

    • there’s a greater reliance on digital literacy Why do you think that? The sneak peak of half of an image shows perfectly that there is more.

    • it’s generally more labour intensive for users I think your version is more intensive. Looking for a movie is often a no brainer. You zap through the films without the need hassle of going back to get into the next one. Adding new screens requires more thinking (You have to focus on the abrupt change). People in front of the TV don't want to think that much most of the time ;)

    That are my 2 cents :)

    Sidenote: It's funny that nearly every designer thinks they can optimize the UI/UX concept of a multi billion dollar company in an evening. Interesting stuff though

    Have you ever thought about helping NGO's out? They often don't have the money to hire good Designer but need it. That's a field where your design can have a real impact. If it's just an ad to look more professional that's also fine though.

    Best, Florian

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  • Posted to How To Auto Adjust Your Font Size With CSS font-size-adjust?, Sep 28, 2020

    Who the fuck uses Bold Comic Sans font for titles? :D

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  • Posted to Improving Github’s New Design, Aug 03, 2020

    Not a big fan of this. Eye movement is much higher with this redesign. As a coder you frequently check last edited files and folders. To do this you have to jump a lot with this version. Just because you have available space, doesn't mean you have to fill it. (https://blog.prototypr.io/importance-of-white-space-in-design-5a40c0e65bfd) The default design looks like a list (what it is), your redesign make it look like a webapp with higher complexity.

    Also the brain (at least in Europe and America) is trained to conceive content from left to right ( F shaped pattern -> https://www.nngroup.com/articles/f-shaped-pattern-reading-web-content/ ). This way I instantly get caught on the information I don't care at the beginning (About section, used by,...).

    You also have way to many characters per line. Not easy to read. Scrolling is nothing bad.

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  • Posted to SSL Certificate Checker, in reply to Emma Branch , Jul 08, 2020

    The direct link is working, the form on the start still redirects to the Laravel 419 error page. strange...

    Thanks though!

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  • Posted to SSL Certificate Checker, in reply to Emma Branch , Jul 08, 2020


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