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  • Posted to Affinity Publisher has finally launched, Jun 26, 2019

    Watched the live event. I'm completely in aw, especially because of the StudioLink. We have discussed this amongst the team and really want to give it a try. Maybe we can make a switch to Affinity. Keeping my fingers crossed!

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  • Posted to Should I ask silly questions at workplace? , May 06, 2019

    I am a senior at an agency and I always encourage asking questions. I often say "there are no silly or stupid questions". If you want to learn, you need to ask sometimes and that's totally fine. In my opinion, a senior who is looking down on a junior for asking something is an idiot and maybe not fit for the role – sorry for putting it that harshly, haha.

    The same goes for anyone really. Anyone can ask questions, if it's the boss, the junior the intern, the senior. It doesn't matter. If they want to know something or don't understand something, just ask. In my experience people are happy to answer or help to find the answer :)

    P.S. In case you haven't heard of it, I'd like to point you to the new DN subreddit ;)

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  • Posted to Required email verification during onboarding?, Oct 07, 2018

    I think your proposal sounds fair. I hope you can make this point with your management. Verifications process is just one more step to finally look and try out your service, so the more steps, the less users. I certainly see the security issues you addressed, so as I said: You made a great compromise :)

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  • Posted to What do you use for design documentation?, Oct 07, 2018

    We use and it really is a game changer. Not only for design documentation but for all sorts of documentation stuff. Check it out :)

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  • Posted to How do you manage your "internal team wiki" or company guidelines?, Aug 24, 2018

    Yes, I'm interested to know as well! I haven't found a good tool, yet, that works for designers and developers alike. We try to manage our way with simple "readme.txt" files on our shared server… but as you might guess, this is NOT pretty nor practical.

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  • Posted to Smugmug aquires Flickr, in reply to Joshua Turner , Apr 22, 2018

    The values on these drop-shadows are too damn high! They really are… it looks just bad, especially on the light photo.

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