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  • Posted to Gifolio. Design portfolios presented through the medium of animated gif., Mar 02, 2020

    Man, I got an instant headache from seeing this.. Most of the gifs play way too fast for you to even evaluate. It's a lovely idea but the constant flashing of images is just painful to see. :/

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  • Posted to Yes & No Design Studio, Feb 26, 2020

    Oof..So much confusion..

    First, the scrolling; Had no idea how to navigate the site for like the first 15 seconds.

    Second, the CTA's on the second slide; Totally missed these the first few times I scrolled through looking for a way to contact them.

    The process of selecting what you want and need is pretty neat visually as is everything else, but it's so confusing. Also I totally missed the pricing the first time around which seems to be floating in the top-right corner (desktop).

    Definitely think it's dope they used punycode and have their logo as their URL. Feels premium.

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  • Posted to I deleted my entire frontend and rebuilt it using neumorphic styles, Feb 18, 2020

    Please stop using neumorphism.. It looks terrible (opinion) but it's also horrific for accessibility (fact). This "trend" is so bland to me..

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  • Posted to Apple new page for families, Mar 15, 2018

    "Know where your kids are, 24/7."

    This is some Black Mirror sh#t :/

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