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  • Posted to First Rule of Stealing Websites., Jan 18, 2019

    Ha! Its a sick website tho. No wonder someone ripped it off.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Has "Design" jumped the shark?, Jun 10, 2016

    Geez. I can understand that there are lots of people upset by this film. I just can't, at least from my perspective see why we can't just extract anything of value from this film and just shelve the rest.

    I would liken it, it UXpin ebooks right. We all know that they are marketing material for their own product. But there is actually some good and useful stuff in there (esp for juniors and other wanting to truly understand more of the process of design), fyi I'm a designer with only around 3 years experience and have alot too learn. There so so much stuff to learn out there and i think its our job to find and absorb as much as we can. and discard the rest.

    having said all that. I think we do need to get over ourselves - Design on its own is really just a plan. We need others to make something.

    The design disruptors film - i'll be watching it (once they get over this over 75 or more group size shit) and make it available to everyone. If not anything else than some insight into what this industry looks at that level? I hope its valuable. if not, oh well.

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