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  • Posted to Principle for Mac, in 2018, Nov 21, 2018

    Adobe XD - Auto Animate Feature (with the power of Artificial Intelligence called Adobe Sensei) - it works exactly like Principle and you stay inside one tool. Design. Prototype. Share.

    No need to switch to another tool just to make an interaction/animation.

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  • Posted to Timelapse Sketch Plugin - Create beautiful high-speed videos of your work in Sketch and show off your progress., Nov 08, 2018

    This is great! Can you also make a plugin for Adobe XD too? :D

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  • Posted to I made a simple productivity time tracking app for mac, designed for freelancers and designers, Oct 05, 2018

    Can I redesign your timekeeper app? Functionally it works but aesthetically looks very hard to read...

    1. The mint green looks like it's blending with the white background. Not enough contrast.

    2. There's a lack of visual differentation between the different elements because they are all using the same colour mint green.

    3. The plus sign is misleading. You're not adding anything. You're renaming the project name. Shouldn't be a 'pencil icon' or 'edit' or 'rename' or even just a 'text box'?

    Here I quickly mockup what I think it should look like.

    Timekeeper Redesigned

    I noticed a flaw... how do you reset the time?

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  • Posted to AMA: Adobe XD Free Starter Plan, May 23, 2018

    Why did you decide to make Adobe XD free? Is it to get Adobe XD into as many hands as possible?

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  • Posted to AMA: All About Assets in Adobe XD, Mar 22, 2018

    What I don't like about the current batch export is I can't choose which file type I want to export for each image element in Adobe XD, after clicking on "Batch Export Icon". Some images could be great for JPG and PNG, and others would be SVG.

    So at this moment, I only use batch export where I know I want to export all the images to just one file type. Whereas others, I have to individually select the image element, and then hit export.

    I also wish there was a way to track which assets I have set to batch export. Which then allows to figure out what other assets I have remaining to set to batch export.

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  • Posted to Sketch's in house prototyping tool - What does it mean?, Mar 05, 2018

    It seems they copied XD

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  • Posted to AMA: All About Prototyping in Adobe XD, in reply to Kyle Galle , Feb 23, 2018

    Hi Kyle,

    Just added my vote.

    I included an app that I designed that has 460 screens here.

    This is the spec link here

    A large chunk of the app is the lessons.

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  • Posted to AMA: All About Prototyping in Adobe XD, in reply to Kyle Galle , Feb 23, 2018

    Thanks Kyle! this was all made in Adobe XD. And Photoshop. Really like the ability to use Creative Cloud Library with Photoshop and now illustrator.

    Another feedback I would give about Design Spec is because I am designing for responsive website pages, I often have to link the desktop to tablet and mobile, so that it'll be shown in spec mode. It would be great if there was a checkbox button where it includes all artboards.

    And for Clickable Prototype, it's a hassle to find missing linkages when you have over 500 artboards. And when you create the link, you find that only 160 screens are there. I upvoted this idea on uservoice where it highlights the artboard's border red if it has not be linked.

    Right now I use design spec to cross check which screens have not been linked.

    I think I already shared with Harish before, that developers also requested to splice the assets themselves on the spec mode. Sometimes developers chase me and inform me that I forgot to splice certain assets.

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  • Posted to AMA: All About Prototyping in Adobe XD, in reply to Kyle Galle , Feb 22, 2018

    Hi Kyle, I've been very active on Adobe Uservoice and have upvoted on that feature already.

    I need to show developers how the app will look like on different screen sizes. And I always design for the smallest screen possible which is the iphone5. But since I need to create website landing pages promoting the app, I have to put the design into a newer device mockup like the iPhone8. Which means that I need to duplicate the artboard and manually change the size. Which is inconvenient.

    Also, responsive artboards would be clear to developers to see how the logic of the layout is gonna behave. Like this website here, the developer decided to turn the background as one image and have it scaled. But in my head, I wanted the shape elements to be pinned to the sides. If responsive artboards were here, I could have communicated better with the developer on how exactly I want the website to behave.

    Yes I've shared with developers the design spec - this is my feedback here

    But I never got a response.

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  • Posted to AMA: All About Prototyping in Adobe XD, Feb 22, 2018

    Fixed elements are important. I had multiple people ask me if they have to scroll all the way down to see the freakin tab bar.

    I also want responsive artboards, so I could show developers and other people how the screen would look for different screen sizes.

    I think Animation, Artboard Overlays, Video and Gifs are great. But I wouldn't make them the biggest priority. Most of the time we don't even have the videos made yet. Animation is only done after the clickable prototype is confirmed. And Artboard overlays, I could just make another artboard and have another artboard link to that screen.

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