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  • Posted to How is Invision Studio?, in reply to Julian H , Jan 15, 2018

    I haven't tried Webflow yet, but I checked their website and they seem to share the same direction of designing with CSS

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  • Posted to How is Invision Studio?, Jan 15, 2018

    I have tried it very quickly so my opinion doesn't reflect all the aspects of the application. My first reaction to it was that it is different than any design tool I've used before. It layouts the objects as if you're writing HTML and CSS of your objects and styling them with flex parameters. Also, all the objects have margins and paddings, in addition to width and height of course, so again, you'll feel like your designing in CSS not in a free canvas like Sketch for example. It was mainly for mobile apps design too. And I didn't find a quick way to export the artboard to images, I think they mainly depend on sharing the design link instead of exporting it. Again, I've just tried it for like 15 mins so I didn't explore all the features, but the least I can say is that it's revolutionary and will change the way designers work in the future.

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    It seems like there is a confusion between 2 products with the same name! I received an email invitation to try out and at first I thought this was InVision Studio, but now I think it's a whole different product, which is very weird to have 2 products announcements near the same time with exactly the same name

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