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  • Posted to A Short Trip, Sep 26, 2017

    I especially like how you can stop and pickup/drop-off passengers _^

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  • Posted to Call Me E-schmail: Conquering the Beast that is HTML Email, Jan 29, 2016

    Until there are more universal standards for email clients I'm sticking with the MailChimp template builder. Although it's more restrictive than I'd like there's just no way to create a custom-built HTML template that is mobile responsive & compatible across all email clients for a decent price (it just takes up way too much of my time).

    That said, it's great to see people working at making this more of a possibility in the future!

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  • Posted to Site Design: Firewatch by Panic, in reply to Clay MacTavish , Oct 13, 2015

    It works really well, the perspective effect makes perfect sense here.

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  • Posted to Why acknowledging sexism (even inadvertent sexism) is important, Oct 09, 2015

    This comment thread be like

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  • Posted to Typography tips for a more comfortable read, Sep 22, 2015

    The main element here that often gets overlooked on the web is the measure. So many major players (looking at you Wikipedia & Amazon) don't put any consideration into it.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: How did you get your job?, Jul 23, 2015

    1st Job - Waiter at pub-restaurant during college: A couple of friends already worked there, got me a trial shift and I was taken on.

    2nd Job - Digital Designer at local agency: Just finished Uni and emailed letting them know I was looking for a job and asked if I could come in to show them my portfolio. Ended up getting a two week placement and then was taken on full time at the end of the placement.

    3rd Job - Head of Digital at same agency: After just over two years I was promoted to Head of Digital to lead the expansion of the agency's digital output.

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  • Posted to Survey: Designers, What Do You Want To Get Better At?, in reply to Caleb Sylvest , Jul 10, 2015

    I believe Beth might have been expecting some kind of behind-the-scenes calculation that would have presented some useful information or resources at the end based on her entries.

    Perhaps the form would benefit from being more upfront about the fact it's just a survey for you to base future content on (I'm sure it wasn't your intent to be misleading) and I'd also make it clear that the email is an optional field!

    That said, I'll fill it in now :)

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  • Posted to Site Design: Allan Yu, Apr 02, 2015

    Hate this hipster-style bullshit... "Look how different I am everyone!"

    There's breaking rules and then there's this mess.

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  • Posted to What David Cameron just proposed would endanger every Briton and destroy the IT industry, in reply to Catalin Cimpanu , Jan 13, 2015

    Sorry but I have to disagree, this has everything to do with a platform that a huge amount of design work exists on.

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  • Posted to Wunderlist 3, in reply to Clay MacTavish , Aug 01, 2014

    I always considered Evernote a note-taking app with limited to-do functionality & Wunderlist a to-do app with limited note-taking functionality. Two products solving different problems.

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