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  • Posted to Best interviewing experience?, Feb 10, 2020

    First and foremost, a lot of your "examples" are utter nonsense and very bias.

    Hiring for UX/UI/Product all depends on the level of seniority that you're hiring for. I hope you don't think it's the same when hiring a junior vs a senior vs a director.

    Portfolio reviews are to showcase if the person knows how to present themselves (branding) per se. Also, they don't tell you shit about the person. Ultimately, I want to know how they created their portfolio, if they developed it themselves, how did they go about selecting the projects on there? After that, I go ahead and ask them about their favorite project to see if the passion is there.

    Whiteboard challenges? what? You want them to work for free with no sense of what the project and the politics it consists of?

    Take-home challenges? Again, you're trying to get free work.

    Design game? Why are you wasting people's time? Don't' you need someone to collaborate and enjoy working with the team?

    "About me" presentation? Do you want another dog and pony show? Quickly answer this, is the person an asshole? Are they rude? Do they not know what they're talking about? Now they have to prove that their attitude aligns with your bias?

    Personal interview...teach me something? You're getting creative for no reason. You can easily find a good working peer if you just stick to the basics. Is the portfolio good? Do they have a passion for the job? Are they assholes?

    I hope your leadership team has a good amount of PoC, cause all of these screams red flags to me.

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