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  • Posted to How effective are modern UX design methods?, Oct 10, 2018

    Effective especially for products that serve both offline and online jobs-to-be-done; think UberEats (for the driver) or JapanTaxi driver app.

    A lot of these modern design methods and exercises, in essence are extracting insights that informs product design & development.

    In any case if these designs perform poorly, usually has negative impact not just on the experience itself, but also business.

    Hence the exercises are usually closer to the users rather than the products.

    With that said, there's nothing wrong with the traditional approach of iterating on the digital products itself.

    But most of the times, these kind of products has the luxury of having a digital/web audiences as their main or only user. Examples would be say JIRA or Wantedly. Most of the jobs to be done revolves around digital-heavy interactions. Hence any kind of insights can be extracted via direct feedback or interaction of existing customers; or feature requests from existing or potential customers.

    I don't see it as a different way or school of thought for UX design, instead I see it as additional spectrums to UX design that brings us designers closer to the users, rather than towards the products. It complements the old way of focusing on the products and having to constantly guess what the user needs & wants.

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  • Posted to Why is version control for designers premium?, Apr 19, 2018

    Hi Vince, that's a very good question especially for us designers to ponder. Developers also contribute a lot of their own free personal time back to open source projects.

    Personally I don't see much but a few that contribute design to open source projects, and I think of course there are some of us here who do but not at the same scale as how developers do for all these open source projects.

    In a way, I won't feel entitled to have this for free.

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  • Posted to Bootsketch: Design sites faster (looking for feedback), Dec 14, 2017

    Hi Seth, I design & code though I no longer use Bootstrap recently, I can feel the pain of creating this and I can tell you, this kit is super useful!

    Bought and will give it a go soon. And I just realized I didn't use the coupon code hahaha but that's fine.

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