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  • Posted to Anybody using ProtoPie? Is it worth grabbing?, in reply to Goran Tomicic , Nov 28, 2017

    Oh but Framer does support both iOS and Android as well doesnt it? :)

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  • Posted to Best Design Tool for Prototypes + Responsive Design, Nov 25, 2017

    Just want to add on to below comments - try out Framer :) Can build responsive designs + prototypes actually

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  • Posted to Anybody using ProtoPie? Is it worth grabbing?, Nov 25, 2017

    ProtoPie can produce very promising prototype rapidly, and their tutorials are very helpful, plus low learning curve.

    The other alternative is FramerJS, where it gives you endless possibility for prototyping out all sorts of interactions, however the learning curve is higher for designer that has not touched coding before (require picking up of CoffeeScript). You can create really native interactions including text fields, sounds, motions, animations etc.

    I have experienced in both ProtoPie and FramerJS. In summary, if this is for building a product for company, ill vote for FramerJS :) . However, if for one off project based features, can just go for ProtoPie.

    Good luck!

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