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John Bonk

Lead Interaction Designer at Workiva Joined over 10 years ago via an invitation from Aaron W. John has invited Ed Ly,

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  • Posted to New in Atomic – Prototype with advanced motion control + Swipe gestures, Sep 09, 2015

    Really liking the toolset so far... something of a simpler/streamlined AfterEffects experience for the advanced motion control.

    Took some wrangling, but got a nice little demo together once I figured out the basic workflow:

    Image alt

    A few rough edges with copy/paste between pages... groups sometimes don't show up in the timeline correctly, and groups that have been pasted + renamed tend to have a weird 'memory' of their previous existential state.

    Regardless, really excited for where this is heading!

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  • Posted to Do you have to quit your job to get a big raise?, Mar 25, 2015

    You DO NOT need to quit your job, but you do need to be willing to walk away - if you have worked hard, ask for what you want (40% for instance) and let the rest take care of itself. Of course, if you're willing to walk away - this negotiation is much different than if you are trying to get a raise and desperately hold onto the job no matter the outcome.

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  • Posted to Learn JavaScript & jQuery with Jon Duckett's beautiful new book, in reply to Will C , Jul 07, 2014

    A few chapters in, and loving it so far... definitely a bit remedial at first to anyone with working JS knowledge, but I'm picking up a more formal understanding of the core concepts.

    Very excited to move into new territory and start working through the example projects - his previous book became a great reference for personal web projects, and I expect the same from this one.

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