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  • Posted to Freelance Project Tax Calculator, in reply to James Lane , Dec 06, 2017

    Hey James, duly noted. For now, the calculator only exists in a spreadsheet, down the line, we may well create a much sleeker web-based version but we wanted to ship it as quickly as possible while making sure it was valuable functionally.

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  • Posted to Google Analytics for UI/UX designer, Nov 14, 2017

    I would recommend checking out the Segment Academy starting with this post:

    While they do give examples from their product (it's great by the way) the fundamentals of data analytics are transferrable. I fully agree with Dexter W that identifying the questions you want to answer with analytics data is more important than the tool itself.

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  • Posted to The 4 Things to Keep in Mind for an Enhanced User Onboarding, Nov 13, 2017

    Interested in your thoughts on the 2nd point in this post "Make it quick and fun".

    I think it's important that user onboarding goes beyond just the first use and a quick feature explanations seem to do a poor job of helping users be successful in a product.

    I much prefer the principles outlined here by Samuel Hulick that focus on creating integrated experiences that reinforce value over time.

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  • Posted to Data on sign up methods (Google, Facebook, custom etc), Nov 13, 2017

    This post from AuthO has some stats on the impact of adding social sign up options ->

    Personally, I think the impact depends on the type of product you are signing into and whether or not the product will use the data that social auth provides. For example, I would imagine an app like Buffer benefits from offering social login whereas I can't imagine logging into a financial management app with Facebook.

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