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  • Posted to Screenshot app for designers (mac), in reply to Seymour Butz , Dec 20, 2020

    Hey, just so you know, the new version is out and the feature you asked about (screenshot of an area by Cmd+Shift+2) is included in the release.

    The fullscreen mode got a bit faster, hope the default workflow will feel snappier too.

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  • Posted to Screenshot app for designers (mac), in reply to Seymour Butz , Dec 12, 2020

    The more I think about this approach, the more it makes sense. I always thought of the reversed logic (grab first, crop later) to be more advantageous because it allows for zoom and greater precision. If the user has to select a region on the screen and re-select it in app, it kind of doubles the effort. But then again, if the user don't care much about precision and wants to have a slightly better cmd+shift+4 experience, why not?

    Anyway, I created a test build that works this way: [link removed; the new version with this feature is available on]

    The workflow is as follow: Cmd+Shift+1 → Select a region → [window pops-up] → press Esc (the window goes away, the image is copied) OR press Cmd+C (the window goes away, the image is saved).

    Give it a try, I'm interested in your thoughts.

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  • Posted to Screenshot app for designers (mac), in reply to Arun Pattnaik , Dec 09, 2020

    Thank you for the warm feedback! Appreciate it a lot : )

    How's the experience so far? all works good? Any suggestions?

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  • Posted to Screenshot app for designers (mac), in reply to Seymour Butz , Dec 09, 2020

    Yeah, I see. The workflow of preselecting the area with a separate shortcut is going to take a bit of time to implement, can't give any promise here. But I'll definitely look into this.

    I can also use a hotkey to copy or save You probably already figured, but just to make sure — you can press Cmd+S to save, Cmd+C or Esc to copy.

    There is actually a third action, Upload to web (Cmd+E), but you need a token to do that. Let me know if you're interested, I'll get you one.

    I wonder about the auto-save setting. The image gets saved once you select the region on the screen, so the app won't even show up, that's right? Like a checkbox in the toolbar, if you check it, the next time you grab a screenshot it's quietly saved, unless you open the app manually and unselect this checkbox — is that the idea?

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  • Posted to Screenshot app for designers (mac), in reply to Seymour Butz , Dec 08, 2020

    Thank you for the feedback!

    As it stands right now, the logic is reversed: you grab the entire screen first, select the area after. But I get that it could be a nuisance to deal with the zoom. One thing I could recommend at this moment is to roughly select the area of interest and press cmd+2 (shift+2 would also work) to zoom in on it quickly. Or, if the area is small, press Z and click on it.

    If there was an option to bring up Shotr zoomed on the area around your cursor automatically (without you selecting the exact region, say 600px around the cursor), would that help?

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  • Posted to Screenshot app for designers (mac), Dec 08, 2020

    Hey everyone!

    As a designer I'm making a lot of screenshots not to share them, but rather to put in Sketch or Photoshop to take a closer look at pixels. Zoom in on a neat little icon, or inspect a button that doesn't look right, or measure some size, or pick a color.

    I created a simplistic app that facilitates this workflow: on a hotkey (Cmd+Shift+1 / F12) it grabs the entire screen and shows it in a window. You can zoom, crop and select things to check their sizes. If you hit Tab, color under the cursor will be copied to the clipboard. If you press arrow keys, it will show the distance between two objects closest to the cursor.

    Check it out:

    DesignerNews is the first place I published it to, you guys are my first beta testers! I appreciate any feedback. Like if you downloaded the app and it launched fine, please tell me that — at least I'll know it works not only on my computer, haha. Thanks!

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  • Posted to Just for Fun , Dec 06, 2020

    Haha, love it!

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  • Posted to Do people perceive a pixel perfect design with rhythm as more beautiful?, Dec 06, 2020

    Love the scientific approach.

    I wonder whether the result would be the same if you designed the non-grid versions first, to your aesthetic liking, and then realigned things to 8px grid.

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  • Posted to My Thoughts About the Vintage Trend and Vintage Color Palette, Dec 04, 2020

    Nice palette examples.

    When I hear about vintage colors, I think of Normal Rockwell paintings and Kodachrome shots.

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  • Posted to Adobe XD August 2018 Update, in reply to Vince Schwidder , Aug 23, 2018

    Agree! Surprisingly, XD provides a smoother and snappier experience comparing to Sketch/Figma. I'm not sure if it really works quicker or if it's just my subjective feeling, but I did a couple of projects in XD, working in Sketch in parallel, and it made me believe that XD is a more refined and robust product performance-wise. At the same time, XD is still missing a lot of tiny, simple and (I thought) obvious features. It neutralizes any performance gain that I may have from the app speed.

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