Alexander Collin

Alexander Collin

Stockholm Art Director & Designer Joined over 10 years ago via an invitation from Oskar L. Alexander has invited Rafael Coimbra, Joel Lundblad, Rafael Pini, Roger Calaf, Michael Ericsson and 4 others

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  • Posted to Finch v1.0 – pixel pushing made easy, Nov 29, 2017

    Cool idea. Though when trying out the demo and instantly selecting the whole website in the demo makes me hold off on downloading the extension.

    And 'pixel fucking' makes me hold off even more.

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  • Posted to A future for brand guidelines., Oct 17, 2017

    Looking very much forward to see this product in action! Great initiative.

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  • Posted to While Apple is taking away buttons, we found a way to add one, in reply to Alex Hazel , Oct 17, 2017

    Couldn't said it better, bold and expensive. Applauds to the team on persistency, thorough work and dedication on all aspects!

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  • Posted to May 1 Reboot Gallery, May 03, 2017

    Here's my new one! ✊

    Time to get the latest cases done now..

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  • Posted to How many of you just dive right in and start building?, Feb 27, 2017

    When working on personal projects I definitely believe THE process is the process that feels right at the time. If you're doing something for fun and feel energy, ideas and the lust flowing it would be kind of sad stopping it for formalia and processes that aren't really needed when you're the only stakeholder.

    I find it super liberating to be able to switch processes when working on client-projects and personal, never being stuck in a A>Z or 9>5 pattern.

    Sometimes I get an idea and dive right in to execution. Sometimes I write and write and write and sometimes sketch and iterate in infinity. Whatever makes the most sense and gives me the the most 'pleasure' at the time.

    Cherish freedom.

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  • Posted to Portfolio of Johanna Jaskowska, Feb 27, 2017

    Super cool. Would love to see this execution on a (music) festival-website. Well done.

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  • Posted to Remember CSS Zen Garden?, Feb 26, 2017

    How could one forget! Great to see it still up.

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  • Posted to Say Hello to Designer News 2.0, Jul 02, 2015

    Menu on safari iOS is broken. How do I log out on safari iOS?

    Clicking markdown supported forces me to scroll to the top of the page to actually read the markdown guide.

    Incredibly confusing.

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  • Posted to Show DN: Fleck Screensaver - turn your screen into a mood board, Jun 24, 2015

    Cute. But a mood board curated by someone else who has no idea of what I'm working on?

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  • Posted to Show DN: The Grid engine, a beautifully designed 2D game engine, May 06, 2015

    Cannot GET /grid/tutorials/ Cannot GET /grid/tutorials/

    I cannot GET anything :-(

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