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  • Posted to Deemaze Device Lab - Landing Page, in reply to James Young , Jul 12, 2018

    Hello! First of all, thank you for your feedback. It's always good to get such a complete review on our work, specially coming from "fresh eyes".

    I agree this page seems a bit of an overkill, however the reason why we're not being so straight forward about the lab itself is because it is not yet operational. So, this page was a way for us to present the project and introduce the concept of device labs to our tech community in an early stage (here on DN is out of context which probably makes it more confusing).

    Once the lab is ready, we're going to put live the platform for people to schedule the testing sessions, which will be simply functional and way less confusing. You're point however is still valid and we have to think about it; we don't want people knocking on our door before the lab is ready.

    Again, thank your review!

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  • Posted to Responsive layouts and components using CSS Grid, in reply to Kevin Yun , May 05, 2018

    I'm usign atom with an HTML preview plugin :)

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  • Posted to Jukebox - A music calendar curated by strangers., in reply to Alex Robertson-Brown , Apr 05, 2018

    Thanks for the advice, I didn't know song whip, but it seems really cool!

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  • Posted to Jukebox - A music calendar curated by strangers., in reply to Aryon Hopkins , Apr 05, 2018

    Hi! Good point there, I'm going to add links to the albums today!

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  • Posted to 2018 Portfolio Launch — Happy New Year!, Dec 31, 2017

    You have some interesting projects. I like the way you showcase them.

    I would only point out that in the sections where the background is white, the header stays completely invisible (which got me lost for a few seconds there).

    Have a great 2018!

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  • Posted to I have created minimalistic device cradle from a single block of wood, Nov 10, 2017

    fancy ✨

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