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Maximilian Dahl

Hamburg Product Designer (UI/UX) Joined almost 6 years ago

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  • Posted to What book are you reading now?, Jan 29, 2019

    Because I am traveling every morning and evening to my workplace, I listen most of my books (it isn't that efficient as reading, but at least I can learn new things)

    So, I am currently listening to:

    • Factfulness: Ten Reasons We're Wrong About the World and Why Things Are Better Than You Think from Hans Rosling

    • Manage Your Day-to-Day: Build Your Routine, Find Your Focus, and Sharpen Your Creative Mind from Jocelyn K. Glei

    • The subtle art of not giving a f* from Mark Manson


    • The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business from Charles Duhigg

    • Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action from Simon Sinek

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  • Posted to Is Chrome 69 supposed to look good?, Sep 10, 2018

    I am very thankful for the update. Finally, they brought up a modern design and some fresh "new" things.

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  • Posted to What websites do you visit daily?, Aug 29, 2018

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  • Posted to What backpack are you rocking?, Jul 18, 2018

    Feeling pretty old fashioned, but I am rocking a Thule EnRoute Blur 23L the last four years. Will not miss this neat thing!

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  • Posted to 2018's UX Designer Salary Forecast, Nov 27, 2017

    Would love to have something similar for Europe/Germany ;)

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  • Posted to Diya - Timeline animation directly in Sketch, in reply to Andu Potorac , Nov 24, 2017

    Invision Studio :D

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  • Posted to The Design Directory — An expansive directory of designers & studios producing amazing stuff, Nov 14, 2017

    Why just studios? Are Digital Product Designer not allowed to be a part of this? D:

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  • Posted to My portfolio: I'm a Product Designer & Front-end Dev. , in reply to Arthur Simon , Aug 01, 2017

    Hey Arthus, no it is fine. You have to see the other side. Product Designer these days need the input from front-end development to build better designs and/or help their development team to adapt better. Overall it is better for both sides to know what and how the other side is thinking/working. If your strength is to write code and being an awesome developer without that much sensibility for design, but you can adapt our designs pretty good, you are on the right track. There are always people with more knowledge but probably they won't be better in doing as you are in your main field :)

    For example: - Product Designer has to build prototypes - The most famous prototyping tools have their own code like Framer - Framer, for example, is pretty nifty to build very realistic prototypes to validate - Designer have to learn the new coding from Framer to stay ahead of each other and to stay competitive - "Just designing" isn't enough anymore for INSERTNAMEHERE-Designer.

    So, if you want to lower your own fears about that topic -> Read some basic books, watch design vlogs or just ask your designers for advice to get more knowledge to adapt better and work faster as developer :)

    I could go on for days about that topic. Just be awesome and put in time to be successful.

    Cheers, Max

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  • Posted to High Sierra, Have You Tried It?, Jul 21, 2017

    1 Month later, is it legit to update? Someone tested it?

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  • Posted to Kactus - Version control (as in git) to designers (only sketch for now), Jul 18, 2017

    Now I am confused. Kaktus is a lighter version of Abstract?

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