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  • Posted to Anygood: A simple to-do app with curated recommendations on the side, Jun 10, 2020

    Found it via the Dense Discovery newsletter and really like it. I was using Sofa to track movies and random lists in other apps for stuff like this, so I love this idea. I don't want this stuff in Things or Asana and it doesn't have a timeline. One thing that would be awesome is the ability to make a custom list label and add your own things. For example, I trade tech stocks, and it would be cool to just list companies that I'm interested in buying stock in without doing tons of work. Or someone may want to add something else that doesn't fit into "buy" but more of a research. I wouldn't want the app bloated with tons of options, the simplicity is key, so just a thought but definitely see the simple UX as a good thing.

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