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  • Posted to Do daily UI challenges help you become a better designer?, May 23, 2017

    It sounds interesting and fun to do. This might be a great platform for me to enhance my designs and making it more interactive for users. To go through the well-established Experts fascinating designs and getting inspirations to work even better.

    Keeping this in mind, I joined the Daily UI Challenge and here I'm on my Day1. I've worked for the Sign Up Page.

    Based on my User-Experience, I can say that the Sign Up Forms should always be kept simple so that any person who lands on the page for the first time may easily understand what is the next step he/she has to perform.

    I've put my best efforts in making the Sign Up Page simple yet impressive. Please have a look at my first project for Daily UI Challenge and share out your reviews in the comments at my profile.

    I'd be grateful to receive your feedbacks!

    Thanks :) Have a good day!

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