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  • Posted to Is there a tool to generate user-flow diagrams from Invision Prototypes?, Jan 06, 2020

    I was searching for "create a user flow invision" and found your question and remembered that I had yet to try out an answer in Sketch using the User Flows plugin for Sketch.

    I understand from InVision that there is no way to do this: invision fail

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  • Posted to Zajno Showreel 2018, Apr 29, 2018

    Thank you.

    Makes me want to make things.

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  • Posted to Jukebox - A music calendar curated by strangers., in reply to Gabriel Sturk , Apr 08, 2018

    Serious answer that I have actually been working on testing and documenting correclty – I can't just send my friend who uses Spotify a song or album within Spotify like I used to do in Rdio.

    Now I have to copy and...wait a minute as I actually try to take a second and not act like I know everything and actually learn how to use a I should have been using the Spotify URI instead of the song friend actually stopped using Spotify and switched to Apple Music so I never tried using Spotify URI (also because I didn't understand what URI meant).

    In short: fuck Pandora

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  • Posted to Playbook: like StackOverflow, but for design, Apr 07, 2018

    Exactly what I have been looking for as I don't have an active design community here in Albuquerque (hellohello are there any of you listening?).

    The Writing Guidelines provided after signing up should be standard for all social media platforms.

    Imagine a Facebook or Twitter interjecting when the tone and frequency exchange between people becomes destructive and a Clippy pops up "Are you sure you want to continue arguing with your mother-in-law about global warming?".

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  • Posted to Jukebox - A music calendar curated by strangers., in reply to Alex Robertson-Brown , Apr 06, 2018


    I've been looking for a service like Songwhip forever. I long for simpler times when Rdio allowed us to easily share songs. I still have no idea how to appropriately share Spotify links to people who actually use Spotify.

    I usually just give up and use YouTube.


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  • Posted to Jukebox - A music calendar curated by strangers., Apr 05, 2018

    I don't understand what I am supposed to do next.

    Do I copy and paste the album and artist name into my preferred music listening platform?

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  • Posted to The community is now open-source. , in reply to Maurice Cherry , Apr 05, 2018

    I logged back in and it was exciting to see...what...I actually don't know what those anonymous avatars mean...I saw your name and avatar though!

    I am assuming those updates to my questions are from you. The automatically generated subdomain made no sense to me. I didn't know it was unique to me or that I could edit it. I thought it was...another user's name and I was remixing their project?

    I hope that helped!

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  • Posted to The community is now open-source. , Apr 04, 2018

    --Fascinating-- Crashinating.

    After joining I have tried to remix some projects but keep getting lost in the interface and don't know how to get home.

    I love the playfulness and accessibility to all of the files and source.

    I am doing something wrong though?

    Join my remix!

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  • Posted to The Inside Story of Reddit's Redesign, Apr 04, 2018

    Imgur is in the process of rolling out a redesign as well. I prefer the new design which is mainly evident on the front page before diving into stream of redundant meme dumps.

    I had stayed away from Reddit for a couple of months and felt underwhelmed when i returned. From the screen grabs of the redesign I am excited about this design update especially since it will engage new users who may have been intimidated by the lack of accessibility to relevant content.

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  • Posted to The 2018 State of Branding report is out! All branding predictions and insights by the "big brands" professionals., in reply to Clarissa H. , Apr 04, 2018

    social and cultural issues

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