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  • Posted to, Apr 03, 2019


    SUMMARY: I had to tap an item twice to get it to play, by thought it was still not working.

    EXPECTED RESUT: I expected to hear music, or see something that indicated music was being loaded or played.

    ACTUAL RESULT: I had no indication that music was playing - I did not see a progress bar, an indication of loading or sound waves indicating something was happening. It took a LONG time for the ambient music to get loud enough to actually hear it.

    I assumed it was broken and gave up.

    STEPS TO REPRODUCE: I tap’d on the top left music card’s play button and nothing happened.

    I tap’d it again, and it looked like it was playing, but it appeared to be broken because I couldn’t not HEAR any ambient music.

    I had to wait a few seconds before I could HEAR anything.

    SUGGESTION: Add user feedback mechanisms, such as “Music loading” messaging, or a sound wave to indicate music is playing but I can’t hear it. Ambient music is very slow to start. Instant VISUAL feedback to the user, beyond hearing, will be critical to your success.

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  • Posted to The Last Time — My first iOS app, Apr 03, 2019

    I agree with the very first comment, I cannot tell what problem this app is solving in the first 5 to 10 seconds.

    After reading these comments and reading the webpage a bit further, I can see that I have already solve this problem by using Siri on my phone.

    For example anytime I water my plants, I simply say to Siri: “Hey Siri, remind me to water the plants, every Monday at 9 AM.”

    That’s it that’s all I have to do to remember the last time I did something, just ask Siri to tell me when to do it the next time at the interval that I prefer.”

    Great job pushing the app out either way, I think some people who don’t use Siri or Google Assistant might find it useful.

    The problem the app solves needs to be made into the focus on the landing page ASAP.

    My recommendation (based on a lot of startup experience) is to reap the value of your experience and learning thus far, but end this project now or pivot. I do not see a product market fit here. If you just want to complete the project for a portfolio piece, go for it. Learning is just as valuable as succeeding.

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