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  • Posted to What backpack are you rocking?, Jul 22, 2018

    I love my Mono backpack from I’ve had it for over 5 years and it’s bulletproof. What’s cool is it has a pop off feature that can still carry your laptop and some other things while leaving the rest behind. So you get the best of both, a small low profile rig or a big one that has room for all your crap. I travel a lot and live out of this pack using it every day and somehow there is no sign of wear and tear. Downside is it’s not inexpensive but given that it has outlasted any other pack I’ve had, I think it’s worth it.

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  • Posted to Best Font Manager for Mac, Jun 29, 2017

    As a font power user for many years who misses the reliability of Font Reserve (acquired and ruined by Suitcase) I would suggest strongly to skip Suitcase, especially if you have a robust font collection. It's glitchy, somehow fonts manage to become corrupt over time, and their customer support is some of the worst I've encountered. I switched to RightFont and it's much better, but lacks powerful organizational features and you would miss that if you are used to FontExplorer. I am now trying FontBase and hoping it does the trick.

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  • Posted to Best Font Manager for Mac, in reply to Kemie Guaida , Jun 29, 2017

    100% agree. RightFont is definitely better than Suitcase (con)Fusion but the organization and UI really needs to get to the next level. Because I have 20 years of collecting fonts, I still get some pinwheels when scrolling through the entire library. I'm excited to check out Fontbase, thanks for the tip!

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