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  • Posted to CSS Utility Classes and "Separation of Concerns", in reply to Adam Wathan , Aug 11, 2017

    Hey Adam,

    Thanks for the great examples, I can see your point. I guess it also kinda depends on what kind of a project you are working on and with how many other people. Also LESS looks pretty good for something like this so I will give it a shot in my next project.

    All in all really eye-opener article, made me think about how I structure my CSS. Thanks for sharing.

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  • Posted to CSS Utility Classes and "Separation of Concerns", Aug 10, 2017

    Great write up! I have one concern though, what if you want to change let's say your card elements to have a different type of border radius. Then would you need to go through all your card elements in all your html templates and change their classes? I would rather create semantic classes by @extend'ing the utility classes (sort of like your .btn-purple example, but for all elements). That way you can have semantic classes in your html, while still getting to pick out of limited number of utility classes. This would also resolve the issues that might come up because of the order of the classes.

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