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  • Posted to Sketch Buttons as Symbols wo Plugin, Mar 12, 2019

    just use aanima padding feature.

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  • Posted to Laverna: An open source Evernote alternative, Aug 21, 2017 is the best. You can adapt it to use for anything.

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  • Posted to Do you have a sketch plugin idea?, Apr 11, 2017

    Hi Jason. I have some ideas, I hope you will find them interesting.

    1. There are hundreds of different devices, how could a designer have all of them? To solve this problem we need a plugin that would let a designer to quickly preview his work inside a mock up or a screen of a device with possibility to scroll. (without export of png, not like Invision, Marvel). The image would open in a new window on top of the sketch window. Any changes in artboard would immediately be visible in the preview window. Kind of like a Sketch Mirror but without actual device.

    2. I started composing my design out of bricks of elements, with outer transparent rectangle (like a div), making sizes very precise. Than I stack them one after another. This way I can control grid and sizes better. The problems start when, If I have a stack of symbols, when I change the height of one, they start to overlap with each other, and I have to scrupulously move them by hand. The idea occurred to me, why not to have a plugin that would not let symbols and groups to overlap with each other, stacking them close to each other, pushing up-left, mimicking the html.

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