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Balazs Szabo

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  • Posted to Which tool do you use to send files to your clients?, Mar 14, 2021

    Usually I send it via WeTransfer (under 2GB), because they have the time limit to download the files. So the client is somehow "forced" to download the files in time. Also it useful that I receive the confirmation automatically from WT, so the client cannot say that they didn't saw the files. Sometimes I send it from my Dropbox. It's also useful when I want to send them "temporary" files and I'm sure that they will download it and I can delete, and move it from there when the project is closed.

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  • Posted to Is it better for designers to be generalists or specialists?, Aug 20, 2017

    When you are junior designer is it recommended to "try and taste" everything. So that you will have a general image of everything and than, later you can understand the backside of the projects. Also some coding knowledge, some basic color theories in print and on web, some typography skills make you better designer even if you choose to be an illustrator, a web designer, product designer or let's say ... editorial designer at a publishing agency.

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