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  • Posted to Show DN - Personal Site, Nov 14, 2018

    We're on the same page! I have aspirations to purchase Freight Neo Pro. This font, Raleway, is a good placeholder for now but V2 will feature a better font. Also, great pro tip about the "O's". I'm going to keep that one in my back pocket moving forward. I appreciate the comment!

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  • Posted to Show DN - Personal Site, Nov 13, 2018

    Hey George -

    This site is built with custom code. I used the Skeleton.css for my grid and some basic Jquery for the animations/fade effects. I did have some help in setting up the contact form to submit to the right place.

    Good catch on the low-res image. I have a new one made and will push a bunch of changes this week.

    Thanks for the comment! I appreciate it.


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  • Posted to Show DN - Personal Site, in reply to Thomas Günther , Nov 12, 2018

    Hey Thomas. Good catch about the SSL Certificate. I had that set up on my dev site but must have not carried over. I'll add that to my list of stuff to tweak.

    I totally agree about the form. I spent most of my time getting it to submit properly. I'm going through and adding some more spacing on a few areas of my site and will include more time on the contact form.

    About page image - I agree. I'm on the fence about this photo. I'm not sure this is the best foot forward when it comes to looking for new opportunities. I can crop and replace on smaller breakpoints as a start though.

    Good feedback and I'll look into these this evening.


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  • Posted to Show DN - Personal Site, in reply to Will Christman , Nov 12, 2018

    Thanks for the feedback! I had a few mockups with the iPhone X and went back and forth. I decided on the clay iPhone 8 because the mockups I found had more to choose from than the X. I'm currently working on a new project to upload and will for sure include an iPhone X! I do like your thought about that bringing a modern touch.

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  • Posted to Need Help - Adding a video to portfolio site, in reply to Carlos Morano , Sep 27, 2018

    Thanks for the reply! I actually found what I needed to do. I didn't find anything specific for your suggestion but Miro Video Converter is really nice.

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  • Posted to Must Watch Online Design Videos, Jul 17, 2018

    I'm not sure where you are in the world but in Seattle, Lynda is free if you're a member of the public library system. Lynda is a great resource for general design. To be honest, haven't watched any videos recently so I'm not familiar with the current state of content. Their videos are usually really in-depth which is nice when it comes to learning new stuff. It might be worth a quick google search to see if this is available in your area.

    Other resources - (Some Free)

    Skillshare.com - Lots of content when you first arrive and can be really fun. I can't tell you how many lettering classes I've tried to take. Maybe hard to cut through all the channels.

    This Video is about branding but still really good: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xKu2de0yCJI

    Youtube is a great resource, I often times learn about development as well as to know how things can be constructed as well as how much time it could take. Designing flat screens is one thing but building that app is another battle.

    Lynda of course.

    Hope that helps!


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  • Posted to GRIDS: How many columns do you prefer? With or without gutters?, May 03, 2018

    For me, it usually depends on the project. I tend to start with a 12 column grid with 24px gutters. If I want more space I change to a 36px or even 48px gutters. Sometimes if I know I'll have a lot of imagery I'll play around with 12px of gutter space. I also feel starting with a template is a good idea but exploring different gutter widths is a good idea to see how different sections start to feel. Ultimately it's what feels best for that particular project.

    I've been wanting to explore other column layouts like 8 or a higher odd number like 9 but haven't had much time. It'll be interesting to see what everyone else prefers when it comes to starting a design.

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  • Posted to Statamic, Oct 20, 2017

    If you like Statmic you'll be blown away with Craft. We use this CMS and can't say enough about it. Check it out: https://craftcms.com/

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