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  • Posted to Apple Magic Keyboard alternative, Oct 17, 2020

    If you can get used to the weird layout of the arrow keys (which takes a week or two), check out the Vinpok Taptek.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Best Mac Email Clients?, Feb 23, 2016

    I have tried nearly every single option listed here thus far, and some that haven't been. Here's what I will tell you: They are all terrible. None of them works precisely as they're supposed to and all of them have stability and syncing issues with IMAP. Of them all, Airmail is definitely the most feature rich, but it's also quite buggy. The most stable and reliable is Mail.app, but it frequently gives me problems syncing my Exchange account. I absolutely love Nylas N1, but it's just not ready for prime time. It's lightning quick, but it's missing many essential features. Basic search doesn't even work at this point. Polymail is frankly underwhelming. Postbox is just a Thunderbird clone with cute but useless enhancements. Frankly, I'm putting my hopes on CanaryMail, the new Sparrow knock-off coming soon.


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  • Posted to Macaw is joining InVision, in reply to Andrew Smith , Jan 27, 2016

    Macaw was buggy but it wasn't shit. And yes, it didn't give you production-ready code, but it gave you code close enough to production that it took only a half-hour to get it ready once it was output.

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  • Posted to Macaw is joining InVision, Jan 27, 2016

    This sucks. I didn't Kickstart this app for it to disappear before a single major update. I also hate SAAS, which forces you to pay in perpetuity for what you should be able to pay for and download once. I also HATE HATE HATE browser-based apps like Invision. I'm pretty ticked off right now.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: What web browser do you typically use?, Jan 08, 2016

    Chrome for personal. Chrome Canary for development. It has the best dev tools, though I do like Firefox Developer Edition.

    Update: After playing with Safari a bit more, I believe it does in fact have superior developer tools.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Show off your dock, in reply to Jonathan Simcoe , Jan 07, 2016

    It's a Mac app-wrapper for Google Inbox I believe.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Show off your dock, in reply to pjotr . , Jan 07, 2016

    I mostly use Alfred.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Show off your dock, Jan 07, 2016

    selfagency dock

    Finder iTerm Authy Dashlane Chrome Apps Chrome Chrome Canary Tweetbot Fantastical Wunderlist Evernote Mail Slack Textual Atom Dash Codekit Paw Tower Transmission Folio Photoshop Illustrator Indesign ImageOptim Sketch VMWare Fusion Spotify Settings

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  • Posted to Cmd-Option-R in Safari, how did I miss this handy feature?, Jan 07, 2016

    It's nice but, who cares? Why are you developing in Safari? It has a third of the browser market share of IE 8! Do you do mobile dev on a Blackberry? Firefox Developer Edition & Chrome Canary's responsive dev tools are excellent, FWIW.

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  • Posted to Will Bohemian release a bug free version of Sketch before the community runs out of goodwill?, Nov 01, 2015

    There is no such thing as bug-free software. You can test and test and test before a release and never encounter or be able to replicate a bug that others run into after release. That's why, instead of pursuing the fantasy of a bug-free release, you should encourage the real possibility of frequent updates. That said, Adobe CC — which thankfully does update more frequently than Sketch — is still infinitely more buggy than anything else I use regularly.

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