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  • Posted to Best design feedback tool for Sketch?, in reply to Luke Murphy , Mar 27, 2019

    +1 — Currently getting Match design, product, dev orgs to do all things design (that can be done in Sketch at least) through Abstract. Review work, version, distribute the design system, dev handoff of design specs.

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  • Posted to Grid System Library, Jun 06, 2018

    What is a grid system that is compatible with the 4/8px spacing rhythm?

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  • Posted to What's your source of realistic mobile UI inspiration, not just dribbblesque rubbish?, Jun 06, 2018

    I still use Dribbble. I'd rather aspire to something gorgeous and break down the barriers than temper my expectations to the point of comfort with mediocre work. Not that Dribbble work is absolutely exceptional, and of course there are limits — but certainly I like to be inspired by work that I find inspiring and ask myself "Why not my app?" The answer to that question clarifies my challenges.

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  • Posted to What the hell happened with DN?, in reply to Ryan Murphy , May 25, 2018

    The community that everyone wants back hates the culture of Dribbble comments, so I think that would be undesirable, unless you were being ironic.

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  • Posted to What the hell happened with DN?, in reply to Andrew Wilkinson , May 25, 2018

    Yeah, I think the blame on you is a bit misplaced — the community quality was already declining before your acquisition, and with Layer Vault tapping out it seems much more to me like you saved this place as an investment in the design community as a whole, or maybe a statement about your commitment to it.

    Obviously, there is more that could be done to keep DN alive / revitalize it, but what is a community for if not taking grassroots ownership over its own fate and character.

    The Tiny Boards site is kind of damning. It's like "We buy job boards, look at our job boards... Job board, job board, job board... news site? :)"

    I get that from a business perspective this may be a job board with a content marketing play, but that only works if it isn't transparent and your commitment to the content marketing part (the community itself) is serious.

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  • Posted to What the hell happened with DN?, in reply to No Name , May 25, 2018

    These are good and necessary improvements that need to have already been implemented before activity tanked. Say you get these improvements — most of them are around restricting content... but part of the reason for poor front page content isn't JUST that you can't downvote it off (though I agree this is a legitimate problem) but also the lack of high-quality content to take its place. SOMETHING has to be on the front page, and with so few engaged designers with something valuable to share, that means the spammers and content marketers have an easy job of it.

    What I'm getting at is, these ideas are good but will they revitalize the community? Something has to be done to bring back the people who have given up on this place.

    I also am not a fan of the "be nice or else" moderation — though I understand why some may disagree. The conflict and controversy creates activity and discussion. It isn't a surprise to me that enforcing a "be nice" atmosphere leads to low activity... particularly in a community that so loathes the Dribbble style of vacuous compliment comments. We should of course have some standards for behavior as any community should, but we should also aim to be tolerant of critical or dissenting attitudes and discussion — even if the spirit of those discussions may become sometimes mean.

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  • Posted to Design systems will replace design jobs, May 21, 2018

    I'm sure this makes much more sense to someone whose context is "companies that hire like 800 designers." Yeah, they probably won't need to employ 800 designers.

    For most companies — someone still needs to design the systems, and that probably does not imply less designers if they're already working with a very small team.

    Not being in the bay area, getting qualified help for product design is hard because no one comes with experience building products. A design system for our team would ease the burden by making design wins easier to share and scale.

    Yeah, I think most designers should do more than just craft UI — like prototype, ensure quality handoff by learning something about code, learn some product and UX skills, learn prototyping etc. There will at least need to be SOME master UI craftspeople out there as well.

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  • Posted to Airbnb’s new font holds the secret to design’s future, in reply to Zip Zap , May 17, 2018

    No ASSHOLE, it's another sans serif but this time with marketing behind it

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  • Posted to Do you think that Product bundling is a Smart Strategy?, Apr 25, 2018

    Holy shit this is transparent, haha

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  • Posted to Sketch dynamic colors library, in reply to Basim Abdull , Mar 18, 2018

    Fixing this should be a top priority for Sketch. Almost every workflow that involves Sketch to something else is broken by this hack when it isn't broken (even more than just being broken by nested symbols in general) including pulling assets from Zeplin, Sketch to Framer, Sketch to Supernova etc. ' 'On one hand Sketch's power is in the complexity and control allowed by nested symbols, and on the other hand actually utilizing this ability is almost more trouble than it's worth.

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