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  • Posted to Finished with Apple - Need help choosing a PC, in reply to Mitch Warren , Dec 27, 2018

    I had the same problem. I now run Mojave off an external Patriot Evlvr Thunderbolt 3 drive, which is insanely fast. I split the internal Fusion drive, using the 128GB SSD for Premiere/After Effects cache, with the remainder for Time Machine backups. It's made a massive difference!

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  • Posted to If Apple is working on a car, what features would you like it to have?, Oct 20, 2016

    I'd like them to follow the same strategy they've taken with their laptops. So, in the same way the Macbook now has a solitary port, I'd like the car to have just one door. I mean, let's face it, who really needs more than one door, it's just unnecessary and ruins the form factor.

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  • Posted to Talk: Fuck Drop Downs by Golden Krishna & Eric Campbell, Jul 24, 2016

    Over 46 minutes long. I pity the people who had to sit through that presentation.

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  • Posted to A look inside design at Facebook, in reply to Crampa ... , Sep 21, 2015

    Three times a day is the secret to enlightenment!

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  • Posted to A look inside design at Facebook, Sep 21, 2015

    I'm probably in the minority with this viewpoint, but I think the place looks pretty depressing. I wouldn't fancy working in a huge, open-plan warehouse, located in the middle of nowhere, debating the merits of an incredibly minor interface tweak with a bunch of beards.

    Free food and laundry services sound appealing on the surface, but these facilities are designed to keep staff imprisoned in the office.

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  • Posted to Is anyone else noticing this more in Chrome lately?, in reply to Mahdi Farra , Jun 30, 2015

    This is undoubtedly the greatest thing that has ever been posted on DN.

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  • Posted to "I asked for a website estimate from 25 different agencies. It was quite the learning experience.", Jun 04, 2015

    The longest email chain was 8 painful emails long.

    I'd be pretty annoyed if I discovered that I was communicating with someone that long, presumably in great detail about a project, only to discover it was research for a tedious blog post.

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  • Posted to Redesigned, Dec 04, 2014

    It's a significant improvement. As a regular user of the site, I found the old UI particularly frustrating.

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  • Posted to, Nov 24, 2014

    We've just launched this new abstract music website to promote Ludovico Einaudi's album, Stanze. The site allow you to create custom visualisations using audio data from the album's tracks. Any feedback gratefully received!

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  • Posted to How to create a simple jobs board in Ruby on Rails – even if you’ve never coded before, in reply to Rik Lomas , Oct 10, 2014

    Full credit to you for taking the time to write this piece. It's a shame that far too many people in our industry are guarded about their knowledge, in the misguided fear that sharing their skills will somehow lead to a lack of paid work.

    The only part I take umbrage with is:

    "Our site looks so 1995 right now"

    Man, I did some bitchin' stuff in 1995, full on blink-tag-extravaganza-animated-gif mayhem! It's a shame that shit predates the wayback engine, I can't find any of my work earlier than 1998.

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