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  • Posted to I miss ffffound, Sep 19, 2018

    are.na replaced it pretty neatly for me

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  • Posted to Inter UI — The font made for user interfaces with focus on high legibility, Sep 12, 2018

    The FAQ of that font is missing some color on how the name came to be and with what attitude it comes…


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  • Posted to Fuck Facebook, in reply to Tom Wood , Jun 02, 2017

    That's the anecdotal entry point to talk about their active efforts agains an open web. A web that is indexable and where links can be referenced. It's the technology everything important today is standing on what made social media possible in the first place. Facebook is trying to undermine that to cement it's monopoly over all your communication, history and content. It's beside the point to call anyone evil or good, but it's important to discuss why this is wrong.

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  • Posted to FFFFOUND! is closing in May, in reply to Tonio Alucema , Apr 12, 2017

    I'd be interested in that as well, is it with Metadata?

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  • Posted to Best Dark Themed Websites, Jan 17, 2017


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  • Posted to Apple’s latest Siri feature: Search, Drag, Steal, Jun 15, 2016

    The idea of a blockchain based attribution system could be a way out of this endless problem: http://www.mediachain.io, I think there should be more discussion about practical solutions.

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  • Posted to Site Design: This Also, Nov 21, 2015

    This site is so well crafted, from the navigation flow to all of the nice little details of the cases and of course the work itself. Congrats, really great work!

    I have one question though, as some of you are here and can comment: Obviously the Google ID is a huge deal and it involved a lot of people, time and I don't even want to see the NDAs. But the way it is presented on your site does make it appear like you simply did the ID or at least the logo and the motion part yet you write Our studio was able to assist in the ideation of the mark ... in my mind the assistance to the ideation of an ID for a company with a giant internal team is pretty far from the final work.

    I know very well how hard it is to present work like that, but just curious how you got to do it this way.

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  • Posted to HTML to PSD, Feb 24, 2014

    Update: If you choose Screenshot > Save as you can enable Text Layers to have editable text within Photoshop. Obviously the problem can be that the rendering is not accurate if you don't have the font locally

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  • Posted to HTML to PSD, in reply to Zach Reed , Feb 11, 2014

    yeah rasterized text is kind of a big problem if that psd should be usable to someone

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