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  • Posted to What are some examples of password-less sign-up approaches?, Jan 22, 2018

    One of the most efficient uses I have seen is with Slack: They use a "Magic Link" system. https://auth0.com/blog/is-passwordless-authentication-more-secure-than-passwords/

    There are a few other options as well, as in one-time verification until a token expires. Like using Hotjar, or Facebook. This also goes over it, but is slightly older. https://medium.com/@ninjudd/passwords-are-obsolete-9ed56d483eb

    For actual signup without passwords, the most used that I see is creating accounts with Social Media Integrations. (Sign up with twitter, fb, etc. that Medium.com uses)

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  • Posted to Been trying to figure out how I feel about Arlene. (typeface), in reply to Dean Hayden , Aug 26, 2017

    Right. Sometimes unique typefaces like this really jive with a specific personality of a brand or event.

    It's one of those "hold on to until you have an opportunity to try it" sort of fonts.

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  • Posted to Horizontal/vertical bezier handles. Are you a fan?, in reply to Marc Edwards , Aug 22, 2017

    I've not seen this before: link for reference (https://astutegraphics.com/software/vectorscribe/)

    I'm a fan of doing this by hand, but this is a very appealing tool.

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  • Posted to Horizontal/vertical bezier handles. Are you a fan?, in reply to Richard Sison , Aug 22, 2017

    Yeah totally helps.

    I've actually found that the easiest way of getting those anchor placements is taking a guide (in illustrator) and placing it on the shape you are making.

    If you're using an "o" so to speak, you will be placing the guides on the outer edge (both horizontal and vertical) where the guide meets that outer edge. That's where your anchor placement will be.

    Once you get the outer edge, then you work on the inner edge. Doing the same thing. Where the horizontal or vertical guide meets the inner line's edge, that' will be where you place that anchor.

    From there, figuring out the bezier's handle just becomes a load balancing act.

    I've seen some use of 45 degree handles, I think that'd be okay.

    And yes, I've done both for the client, neither times have been noticed, but I sleep better when I know I did what I could to give a "better made" logo.

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  • Posted to A critique of Clapping on Medium, in reply to Jim Silverman , Aug 21, 2017

    Back when they introduced "series" and claps, I didn't know if the metric is actually a good measure of anything.

    I started sharing quick design tips like a design dictionary, it's been seen 600+ tons, but that's got over 11k claps...

    Granted, that's almost 20 each, but that's if every single person did clap.

    More than likely, some dummy spammed it. I have no idea if it actually resonated because of my suspiciousness and dislike for clapping.

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  • Posted to Is it better for designers to be generalists or specialists?, in reply to Jon Myers , Aug 21, 2017

    This is actually some pretty good insight. I was intending to talk about both in the manner of if you have no idea what to do, experiment, if you have a field chosen, you can further specialize with the crossroad.

    I'll review the article and make necessary changes if I find them.

    I spent a lot of time talking to Justin about that industry vertical experience and we decided it was better to design outside of that.

    Thanks for your input, I appreciate it.

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  • Posted to Is it better for designers to be generalists or specialists?, in reply to Robin Raszka , Aug 20, 2017

    I appreciate your input on this. Thank you (:

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  • Posted to Is it better for designers to be generalists or specialists?, in reply to Anton B. , Aug 19, 2017

    I actually think you're onto something here. In my article I talked a bit of experimenting and then choosing something to narrow down in. All it was written with the intent for freelancing. Those other skills you learn don't go away, but you selectively project what you are on the outside.

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  • Posted to Are UI/UX designers artists? , Aug 01, 2017

    You might be overthinking it, but I feel like a designer, in general, takes visuals and applies it to communication, interaction, animation... etc. There is an "art" to what we do.

    People who call themselves artists can be a little agitated at us for being designers, but we're all cut from similar cloth.

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  • Posted to Does anyone have any essays or articles to recommend?, Jul 31, 2017

    Hmm. A list of inspiring designers and design thinkers?


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