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  • Posted to Adobe CTO says AI will ‘democratize’ creative tools, in reply to Marc Edwards , Jan 06, 2020

    They surely don’t mean AI clippy. If it’s stuff like auto responsive resize in XD (where it guesses the constraints and pinning on a group of items), it does have a positive impact on not having to do those things. Which means that you can spend that energy and time on the design.

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  • Posted to 37 Font Pairing Trends in 2019, Sep 26, 2019

    Wow! This turned out to be a good article. Not the lame clickbait with Google Fonts that I expected :D

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  • Posted to The “Hover Effect” for Mobile Buttons, Sep 04, 2019

    I’m assuming the article is about design choices, not about the technicality of implementing pressed-down states, because that one is solved (as Marc pointed out).

    You are yet again presenting your opinions as facts.

    The hover effect for mobile buttons is a ripple effect.It’s important to convert your desktop hover effects to mobile ripple effects

    Who says that? :D

    I could give a counter argument. If the user sees the whole button darken while they are pressing down on a part of it, it’s clear what they are actually pressing. If they see your ripple effect, they could assume that this effect is just a visual representation of where they tapped on the screen, and that it could happen regardless if it’s a button or not.

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  • Posted to Introducing Sideway, Jun 10, 2019

    Nice colors! So clean.

    Honestly though, this is a great idea and it seems like you are on the right track. Good luck and looking forward to how Sideway grows!

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  • Posted to Adobe XD MAX Release, in reply to Kip Holcomb , Oct 19, 2018

    That is just your point of view, Kip. For mobile app/product design, I can’t remember the last time I would have a need for Stacks or fractions or percentages. I do remember needing prototyping to see how the app flows, including the transitions and interactive features – it was today, and every day.

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  • Posted to How do you handoff your Principleformac animation to developers?, in reply to Selv Grimm , Aug 28, 2018

    Haha :D That is the way to do it.

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  • Posted to What backpack are you rocking?, Jul 18, 2018

    I have the Klettersack from Topo Designs and use it every day with my laptop as well as sporting gear. I have also taken it on trips (sightseeing as well as really have rain). I can’t recommend it enough – be sure to check it out and look into some reviews https://topodesigns.com/products/klettersack

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  • Posted to AMA: Adobe XD Free Starter Plan, in reply to Jovan Petrovic , May 24, 2018

    Soon! https://twitter.com/ashorten/status/994238186854350848

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  • Posted to AMA: All About Sharing in Adobe XD, in reply to Simon Deighton , Apr 12, 2018

    Only the new kids on the block get the rounded corner treatment: https://blog.prototypr.io/designing-adobes-evolving-brand-system-6d243992cedd

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  • Posted to Pentagram's American Express brand refresh, in reply to Stuart McCoy , Apr 12, 2018

    Well, I’m sure they tried loads of versions. But this seems interesting – could you share your idea? :-)

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