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  • Posted to Every Fucking Bootstrap Website Ever, Mar 15, 2016

    This website just looks like every other Bootstrap website...


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  • Posted to Site Design: The Web Developers, in reply to Gido ten Cate , Sep 21, 2015

    Hi Gido -

    Thanks for your feedback - it's appreciated!

    Background image - great point, this is something that should have been done - I did it for all other images but I guess I missed this one!

    Contact button - I was playing with the default border and forgot to update the border on hover - that's been cleared up now.

    I completely agree on the input border being removed. Are you by any chance on a Windows machine? I didn't see this border so badly on OSX so just curious.

    The arrow down is purely for visual, I built the site in sections as you can imagine, and with a ton of whitespace below. When I added more sections, and eventually removed that arrow, and maybe I just got so used to it that it didn't look right without it. Either way, it's not supposed to scroll you down, since it'd only scroll a hundred pixels or so which I think would be worse UX.

    Thanks, again, I appreciate the feedback :-)

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  • Posted to Very Large Text and Colour Contrast, Feb 24, 2015

    I tend to use:


    Although in your case these may be helpful:

    Chrome: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/color-contrast-analyzer/dagdlcijhfbmgkjokkjicnnfimlebcll?hl=en

    Firefox: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/firefox/addon/wcag-contrast-checker/

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  • Posted to I have a $2,000 Budget, Can't find a Developer., Feb 23, 2015

    Happy to take a look at your brief


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  • Posted to Life saver CSS code, in reply to Theus Falcão , Dec 08, 2014

    .oliver-queen {cursor: arrow; display: flex; }

    .john-diggle { display: block; }

    .sara-lance { bottom: -6912px } //6912px = 6 feet.

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  • Posted to Apple Store Down, in reply to Jeremy Stewart , Sep 09, 2014

    I too believe that Apple deliberately leaks pictures to build hype - it's an excellent Marketing technique to build hype, for a company like Apple anyway

    Screen size being a "big seller" for the iPhone 5/5S was one of the reasons I didn't buy. Sure the design was different to the 4/4S, but I'm not interested in a larger phone. Granted I'll have to cave in, and the iPhone 5 wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but will the size get out of hand (no pun intended!) - I'm not sure.

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  • Posted to Apple Store Down, in reply to Jordan Flaig , Sep 09, 2014

    Agreed, my 4S is showing it's age so I'll likely purchase the new one. Also, although it's likely just software, I cannot currently connect to Bluetooth devices with my 4S either, but that's just an excuse as I can't be bothered restoring :-)

    I'm not sure on the watch myself, if that is what's going to be announced. I have a nice Armani watch and don't have many apps in the allowable list for notifications so wouldn't find use from this - although others may do.

    Retina Cinema Displays would definitely be a nice addition.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Do you use the Flexbox property?, Mar 22, 2014

    I think it's a great way forward for flexible site layouts, so I developed FlexGRID using it. http://www.volumethemes.com/flexgrid

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  • Posted to Flexboxgrid—A grid system based on the flex display property., Mar 20, 2014

    Much like my grid system - FlexGRID - http://volumethemes.com/flexgrid

    The focus of FlexGRID however is on equal column heights, and cross-browser support, with a fallback right down to IE8.

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  • Posted to Who didn't go to university but is doing pretty well for themselves?, Mar 17, 2014

    Why didn't you go to university?

    I decided not to go to University due to rising costs, and because I knew which career route I wanted to go down. I got into web development when I was 10, inspired by an uncle who works in technology, albeit not web. That coupled in with really bad experience with University open days. where presentations were shown to the sorts of websites created for final year, all examples of work that I'd already completed for others, and at a larger scale.

    I'm completely self-taught, and made sure that I learnt something new on a regular basis to put myself in a good position when the time came to get a job.

    Due to this, I managed to attain work experience at MoneySupermarket.com where I was offered a contract at the end of the period. I went on to pass the Zend certification for PHP in order to strengthen my position as a developer.

    While I freelance in my spare time (more as a hobby and love for web than anything), I'm currently Lead Technical Developer for Bank of America UK, own 2 houses and I'm just 21. Compared to others that I attended high school with, they've not long left university and starting in trainee roles, where I'm already well established as a developer and freelancer - something I can't complain about given how the UK economy has been.

    What do you think about higher education?

    My personal opinion is that there's no need to spend the time and money if you're set on a career that doesn't require you to go. Doctors, barristers, etc are the types of jobs that I see requiring a university education (while I know there'll be some exceptions from time to time), but otherwise, there's normally a short-course or learn-on-the-job opportunity (or teach yourself) in order to get into the career you want.


    Overall, I'm an advocate of self-teaching, which I know won't suit all, but with a strong mental attitude I believe that anyone can achieve their goal if they're firmly set on it. To me, it's all about learning from failure to reach success.

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