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  • Posted to Site Design:, Sep 01, 2016

    You may want to change up the homepage a bit. Right now it kind of reminds me of the Blue Screen of death with the monotype fonts and pure blue background.

    Maybe show a screen shot or graphic of the product as well?

    Also, the text color of links on hover has very low contrast with the background.

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  • Posted to Site Design: Segment, Sep 01, 2016

    There is no focus indicator on some of your navigation links.

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  • Posted to AMA: Vox Product Accessibility Guidelines, Aug 31, 2016


    1. In regards to accessibility what would you advise is the best way to test for color contrast for WCAG conformance when your text is over an image on a responsive site?

    2. Do you have any great examples of accessible charting/graphs across your brand?

    3. Were any people with disabilities invited to collaborate on your standards? Do you guys do user testing with people with disabilities?

    Thank you for building this checklist. It's my new favorite accessibility resource online. Kudos! My only criticism is I'd add a QA or Editorial step to ensure the page's headings are descriptive. I see the developers have one for landmark roles when headings are actually used to navigate 65% of the time (According the the 5th Webaim Screen Reader Survey)

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