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  • Posted to Re-designing the smartphone Dial-Pad, Oct 09, 2017

    Read this earlier today and asked myself two questions: Is this the time to start redesigning dialer formats given that dialing is probably at an all time low frequency (and declining) for the average person? And, what's to gain from a little efficiency in dialing if I'm dialing one number per day or less often than that?

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  • Posted to Jon Rundle - Product Designer, in reply to Kyle Mitchell , Apr 28, 2017


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  • Posted to Photoshop/Website feature question, in reply to Tyson Kingsbury , Mar 22, 2017

    This + set up your mask as a smart object (likely a few smart objects) so you can create new versions easily without repeating all of the hard work. The initial setup will take longer but it should pay off.

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  • Posted to John Maeda: If You Want to Survive in Design, You Better Learn to Code, in reply to Tom Wood , Mar 17, 2017

    It seems to me that the natural path is to move towards strategy/operations as you get older. These are two things that young designers don't do as well as more experienced designers – frankly, they don't seem interested in this stuff.

    I think a working knowledge of engineering technology is always helpful but there really is no need to be proficient; leave it up to the pros. Learn just enough to have a good conversation about engineering.

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  • Posted to Freelance Portfolio Feedback, Mar 09, 2017

    Looks like you exported images at 800px but you're rendering them at 760px which is causing them to look blurrier than they should. I'd adjust that so your export equals your max display width.

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  • Posted to Netflix’s new design series spreads the wrong idea about design, Feb 23, 2017

    Am I crazy to think they're using the alternate definition of Abstract for this?

    noun ˈabˌstrakt/ a summary of the contents of a book, article, or formal speech. "an abstract of his inaugural address" synonyms: summary, synopsis, précis, résumé, outline, abridgment, digest, summation; wrap-up "an abstract of her speech"

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  • Posted to New Dropbox homepage, in reply to Constantine Sad , Feb 04, 2017

    All research I've seen agrees with you. Any content within a carousel, accordion, or likewise is rarely seen. Users fly through pages and sites and don't fixate long enough to even notice these interactions.

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  • Posted to Mac Pro 2 Concept Design, Jan 13, 2017

    Great rendering

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