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  • Posted to Judge my "Design Exercise", Feb 07, 2017

    Hey Nick – good work in terms of functionality.

    I got a question – was it necessary to replicate real-like looking alarm clock? I mean, I had no idea I should click on the buttons.

    In reality yes, analog buttons on products are super intuitive. On the web it can be handled much better. It really took me time to figure out the functionality.

    But – I like the wireframes and it could be seen you put some solid thoughts into it for sure, so maybe just play with the UI itself a little bit more?

    Thanks for sharing your work anyway!

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  • Posted to CSS Reference, Nov 26, 2016

    Thanks for sharing David! ✌

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  • Posted to Google search bar design, Nov 26, 2016

    It definitely match the material design, however I feel like inside box shadow is appropriate for inputs. This looks like a dropdown. But that's for another discussion. Anyway, I like the consistency it's heading to.

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