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  • Posted to BlacksWhoDesign, in reply to Mike Abbot , Feb 06, 2019

    Who said anyone was attempting to 'fix' anything? Acknowledging each other, supporting one another and connecting with each other should never be a problem - maybe it is for you. I just don't understand why white people get up in arms when they can't stake a claim on something when you walk this earth as you wish - all the while not being a target, not being labeled 'other' and with a load a privileges that allow you to offer trash commentary when all anyone did was create a space for the 'others'.

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  • Posted to Ratio: A new interface for working with type on the web, Oct 22, 2018

    This is wonderful. Maybe I didn't see it but I wish they would add in pass/fail scores for accessibility.

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  • Posted to How to make black people delete your app, May 16, 2017

    Yall can discuss the validity of this issue all day, but there truth is that actions are being taken by anchor to address the invaluable opportunity to be inclusive in detail rather than on the surface. Before this medium post I'll bet this wasn't a thing for anchor.

    Similarly, someone had to speak up when there weren't images or video of black or brown hands holding phones in apple ads - I'm sure it wasn't a big deal to you, but I see a lot of those black hands holding phones with your dribble shots in them nowadays. But I ain't one to gossip. (Thanks

    You should be ashamed if you are here dismissing a person raising a concern about what it's possibly an easy fix to a UI just because it doesn't offend you. But you are forever holding up the banner of UX and the "little big details". I'm disgusted.

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  • Posted to SketchViewer: Easily view, version, and share .sketch files on the web, Oct 13, 2016

    Where and how are sketch file stored once uploaded?

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  • Posted to Lingoapp: Organize, share and use all your visual assets in one place, Mar 23, 2016

    Cool app. A feature request of mine for Sketch would be to help me to maintain and manage symbols and type styles.

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  • Posted to I tried Dropbox Paper and I loved it!, Nov 25, 2015

    putting my name in the hat for a notion invite as well todd.bennings (at) gmail com

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  • Posted to Will Bohemian release a bug free version of Sketch before the community runs out of goodwill?, Nov 02, 2015

    I'll always have Adobe products whether they are my primary tools or my backups. I will at least own a copy of Sketch 3.x as long as I have a need to access .sketch files. And as long as I have Adobe products, there will constantly be a question of how much patience I am willing to devote towards software that is similar.

    Quit operating on goodwill. Don't do Bohemian Coding any favors. If Sketch has run its course with you, then it's all good. It doesn't have to be for everyone.

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  • Posted to XOXO 2015 officially announced, in reply to Adam T. , Jun 12, 2015

    I think XOXO's goal is to attract more than just people of Portland. They are in a growth state are trying to be inventive about how they go about it. I didn't think twice about the $450 discount for people of color or underrepresented groups because I understand it to be a huge barrier to entry once you factor in food, travel and accommodations. Not to mention the economic inequalities in these cities where the tech industry dominates.

    I was one of the 13% at last years conference and if my $500 helps to subsidize the cost of the conference in the name of diversity and inclusion, then thats even more reason for me to go. Its impressive that XOXO is in a position to offer such a deal and I'd like to think they would be more critical than to let any person of color attend, plus it isn't like they are marketing XOXO to the general public either.

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  • Posted to Show DN:Ghostnote a contextual notes & todo app for your mac, Mar 06, 2015

    I'm not 100% certain why I have this thought, but along with your applescript support, I can see an IFTTT integration being fairly powerful as well.

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  • Posted to Apple's Homepage Today, Jan 19, 2015

    Google commemorates something or someone almost daily with their Google doodles and it's no different from what Apple is doing here.

    I know plenty of people that would take a company to task for NOT acknowledging a figure such as MLK, and here you are wasting time on marketing or bad typography. I'm convinced you don't know how to reflect.

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