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  • Posted to RIP, Thunderbolt Display, Jun 24, 2016

    It will definitely be interesting to see if Apple releases a new one down the road, though I'd wager they won't.

    To be honest it has been several years since the Thunderbolt Display has been even somewhat competitive. I feel like it has limped along purely due to people buying it to maintain a cohesive aesthetic among all their home Apple stuff.

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  • Posted to Implementing baseline rhythm in CSS, Jun 16, 2016

    I have been reading blog posts about implementing vertical rhythm in CSS for years but have never seen it implemented on any big sites. Why is that? Are people just putting it in the "not important, too hard" basket?

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  • Posted to Ask DN: what is your favorite font?, in reply to Nicholas Burroughs , May 24, 2016

    Me too. I love its origins, I love its versatility and I love how despite how often it is imitated, it remains so unique and identifiable (the same can no longer be said about, say, Gotham).

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