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  • Posted to The day has finally come. Framer Classic should no longer be used for client work., Feb 04, 2020

    Copied my response over from Facebook to here too.

    When I knew Framer X was going to ES6 I was excited about it because I truly believe in web standards and with ES7,8,9... there is just so much more goodness that is coming. So yes, ditching Coffeescript is a no brainer since it's purely syntactic sugar (brevity, readability). And migrating between both is also very seamless. What made investing time and effort in Framer is that you know you're always able to carry forward your coding knowledge to something else.

    But little did I expect we'll also be switching to React. And on top of that, TypeScript. I was always hesitant about all these additional frameworks/libraries/languages that add on top of vanilla Javascript. And boy, it was definitely a steep learning curve for me when I first used it.

    Thankfully, React decided to save the day by ditching the use of class components, those hard to understand lifecycle methods and start introducing functional components and hooks. During the same time, Framer X has also made a ton of improvements to the APIs, documentation along with a super awesome community/support around upskilling people in the tool. So yes, things are so much better now.

    Framer Classic is easy to understand for many people including myself because very often, I just want to select this element and do this and that. Repetitive code? Yes. Messy? Yes. Does it matter? It might for some but might not for some.

    As designers, we don't get the luxury of coding daily and to build on the coding muscle is a challenge. But I'm hopeful and do know the Framer team is doing superb work here to help handhold as much throughout the whole user journey to make using the tool as easy as possible.

    If there's anything you'd like to see in the tool, I'll also suggest submitting a feature request so it's on their radar,

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