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Chris Valleskey

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  • Posted to Twitch Redesign, Sep 28, 2019

    Does anyone else find the "rise" effect they apply on text to be a stressful reading experience?

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  • Posted to Pock: Display macOS Dock in Touch Bar, Jun 20, 2019

    Pock can place your macOS Dock inside your MacBook's TouchBar, letting you enjoy your screen in full-size every time!


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  • Posted to Sketch 55, May 21, 2019

    Fixed a bug that caused baselines to move when adjusting Text Styles and Text Style overrides

    I was really hoping this would fix the bug where superscripts get stripped when you update Text Styles but no, it did not. :(

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  • Posted to How to find Sketch's secret type features, Dec 12, 2018

    I was hoping this would show me how to maintain superscripts when using Text Styles. Guess not. :(

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  • Posted to All About Plugins (extensibility) in Adobe XD, in reply to Ash Ryan Arnwine , Jun 29, 2018

    How about the formatting of content within a text element?

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  • Posted to Figma Styles are here, May 10, 2018

    This alone is making me consider leaving Sketch and replacing it with Figma as my day-to-day design tool. In the past year or so I have put in several bug/features requests to Bohemian Coding regarding issues that stem from Sketch's inability to layer styling attributes. Their response is something along the lines of "it's on our to-do list."

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  • Posted to Haruki Murakami's new site., Dec 16, 2014

    The first thing I did was press my spacebar and … nothing happened. :(

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  • Posted to Post-it® Plus, Sep 26, 2014

    Where is the Android app? My coworkers and I probably go through a couple dozen post-it notes a day and this would be very helpful for us.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: How will you design for the various iPhone resolutions?, Sep 11, 2014

    I'm going to try and design as much as I can straight in Interface Builder. If I feel the need for any sort of bitmapped image, I'll create a high-res asset in the tool of my choice and make sure it scales well across all the different screen sizes.

    As others have already said: The 6 Plus scales down the rendering to 1080p. I've been using a rMBP for the past two years at "1920x1200", which is rendered at 3840x2400 and scaled down to the physical pixel dimensions of 2880x1800.

    In short, I think we need to stop designing for pixels.

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  • Posted to Can anyone explain Material Design in simple English?, in reply to Darth Bane , Jun 27, 2014

    What are you talking about? Design is a lot more than something looking pretty. Google's stuff might not have (at least until recently) looked great, but it worked.

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