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  • Posted to Normalize browsers' default style, in reply to Sindre Sorhus , Feb 08, 2018

    Thanks for getting back to me. To be honest, It sounds like you just don't want to support them because you'd rather stick with Firefox and Chrome (which is totally fine, it's your product after all).

    To me a modern browser isn't defined by it's release model, and as Simon said they both have a very large market share, something that shouldn't be disregarded. I'd be interested in hearing about the projects you work on that don't require support in those browsers.

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  • Posted to Normalize browsers' default style, Feb 08, 2018

    Hey Sindre! I'm curious why you're only supporting Chrome and Firefox with this? Safari and Edge are still Modern browsers.

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  • Posted to New HTML 5.2 dialog element demo, Jan 15, 2018

    Interesting that the default dialog element doesn't keep focus within the Modal when it's open. That's a core requirement for Modal's according to the WAIA spec.

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  • Posted to New portfolio built with Webflow, Jul 18, 2017

    That's a whole lotta divs. Pretty though.

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  • Posted to A, in reply to Alex Hoffman , Mar 23, 2017

    Search engines have also started ranking sites higher with HTTPS

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  • Posted to A, in reply to Markus Bergh , Mar 23, 2017

    Thanks Markus!

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  • Posted to A, in reply to First Last , Mar 22, 2017

    Obligatory link to my tutorial on setting it up :)

    Worth noting Let's Encrypt will not work on Windows XP IE8

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  • Posted to 2017 Design Conferences, Jan 04, 2017

    This has a boat load of confs -

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  • Posted to Assortment: For the practical developer, Dec 19, 2016

    So in late October I launched my Web Development blog called Assortment and I'm pleased to say I've been keeping up with frequent posts every week or so. I've now got to a point where I want to start iterating upon the website to improve the User Experience for users which is where this post comes in.

    As a lot of you will be part of the demographic I'm looking to target it'd be great to get some feedback on the website and what you feel could be done to improve it. This can be on absolutely anything, including the content itself if you deem necessary. Open to ideas :)

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