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  • Posted to Would DN be better as 'invite-only' again?, Apr 17, 2016

    As someone who has only recently joined, I would hope you'd keep it open - with limitations (SO's model doesn't bother me, and I'm on other boards with similar reputation-based permissions). My background is programming, not UX, so I look to resources like DN for good, solid information. If you close DN to others like myself, you cut us off from the opportunity of learning, and the of the possibility that we can, at some point, contribute of our own strengths. And, by the way, I do have a business, and a product - but I'm not here to push it at you. You won't get spam from me.

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  • Posted to Site Design: IDEO, Apr 17, 2016

    Very fresh and clean. Quite fast. Ditto Ankit's comment about yellow being under-used. Nice work.

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  • Posted to When Your Video Production Budget is Low, Mar 27, 2016

    Your vdeo production budget may be low, but your graphics production budget better be hefty.

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  • Posted to A gift to all the frustrated TheGrid founders, Mar 17, 2016

    Ditto to QWUX. "Beta" is generous. "Alpha" is more like it. When I released my last product into beta, had it been this rough my clients would have run away screaming.

    Right now my impression is that they'll end up with something a notch above a formulaic website builder like most of the big ISP's implement (GoDaddy, Square, etc) - but I'm not anticipating magic.

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