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  • Posted to What's the designer-to-engineer ratio where you work?, Nov 22, 2016


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  • Posted to Vesper, Adieu, in reply to Nathan Huening , Aug 25, 2016

    I think it's more complex than that… The only thing Gruber and the other team members have as an advantage over other developers is a larger audience, or essentially free advertising with a faith in the quality of development; but that can't make up for the fact that none of the Q Branch team were working on the app full time over the last three years. I think this led to the biggest problem, that development was very slow, from a users perspective. I've had the app on my home screen (for three years) with the hope that it would replace Simplenote for me, but the fact is that until there was both a Mac and iOS app with seamless sync it could not stand a chance.

    As a comparison, Shiny Frog is also a three man team, but they are launching Bear notes/writing app (which looks beautiful) with more functionality, and with iPhone, iPad, and Mac simultaneously. They're monetizing with pay for sync which Gruber did say is probably the best way to do for a productivity app of this nature.

    I think the stronger point to take away from this, is that most productivity apps don't have a hope of making it unless they allow seamless transition from computer to phone. Even if they launched with a Mac app first like Gruber posited, I don't think they could have been truly successful until they had iOS and Mac available.

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  • Posted to VSCO 5.0 launches , Jun 09, 2016

    Is anyone else disappointed that they have not yet changed or improved any of the UX for the actual editing process? It involves soo much jumping around to fine tune an image, and when you have purchased all of the filter packs it takes forever to try each one or scroll/jump to a specific one.

    Because the film style filter packs are what they were initially known for, I would think it's in their best interest to be constantly iterating that experience to be better/easier. I think in it's current state it encourages users to reuse the same filters over and over and not try new things or experiment much.

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  • Posted to In Reaction to Dropbox's Project Infinite, Infinit Announces Project Dropboxe, in reply to Andrew Smith , May 02, 2016

    The thing is, saying "clones" implies that Dropbox copied them, which we can't say unless we knew when exactly Dropbox starting working on that feature. They could have been working on this for years and only just now showed the prototype in it's current state.

    My comment was centered on discussing the naming rather than the implied action of copying since again, unless we knew the details from both companies we can't say that it was.

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  • Posted to In Reaction to Dropbox's Project Infinite, Infinit Announces Project Dropboxe, Apr 29, 2016

    hmm… but are they implying that they're annoyed with Dropbox for using this name? Infinite is a pretty distinct adjective that happens to perfectly describe what Dropbox is attempting to build: access to seemingly infinite amount of files on a finite drive size.

    Also, it seemed more like Dropbox was transparently sharing their internal project name, and never explicitly indicated that this was going to be the name of a sub-branded marketing feature.

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  • Posted to Billy app has launched, keep track of your subscriptions on your iPhone, Mar 31, 2016

    Overall this is a great start… The first addition I'll suggest would be a way to filter the subscriptions view, IE change the order beyond what's next due to see highest or lowest amounts due (also a quick option to display the annual or weekly billings to a per month format to compare) and possibly options to view subscriptions in groups by categories (entertainment vs business tools etc.)

    The second addition would be some sort of subscription assessment where you could quickly survey which ones aren’t worth the relative value spent to help make decisions of subscriptions to cut when you are looking to tighten your budgets. This could be a great in app purchase feature for users with this specific need.

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  • Posted to Pixave 2 For Mac, Mar 17, 2016

    Couldn't find an answer on the site for this… does Pixave import your photos into their own library container, like iPhoto / Photos—or does it allow you to organize, tag, rename etc while keeping your files in your own finder folders?

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  • Posted to Etude: Common Projects, Mar 17, 2016

    Love this idea of design etudes, feels more considered than if it were simply a personal redesign exercise.

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  • Posted to Not A Black Chair, Mar 16, 2016

    If all true, at the very least it seems to paint Squarespace as a highly disorganized, political company, which possibly explains why things seem to move slowly with regards to their product innovation. It also lends weight to the idea that having a poor company culture can lead to lots of inefficiencies and wasted resources. Either way, it seems like they handled this specific situation poorly, and overall it’s a bummer because they seem to be default recommendation for anyone who doesn’t want something completely custom.

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