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  • Posted to The Engine — built by MIT, Sep 21, 2017

    Really digging this site, from the concept itself, to the URL, to the swiss typography, to the subtle background animations, to the background graphics/illustrations when you hover over an investment area.

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  • Posted to 50 Things You [Probably] Forgot To Design, Sep 01, 2017

    A pretty robust list here, details that are super easy to forget.

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  • Posted to The new Google Earth, Apr 18, 2017

    I really love the simple and straightforward onboarding experience that shows you the various tools and ways to explore the app.

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  • Posted to Behind the scenes: Upstatement’s redesign of MIT Technology Review, Mar 01, 2017

    Particularly impressed by the re-animations of the classic covers and the various animations throughout that point out details in, e.g., their content strategy and their CMS. Well done all around, Upstatement.

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  • Posted to How do you keep track of your productivity?, in reply to Matthew Blode , Jan 27, 2017

    Jason Fried's article mentioned above:

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  • Posted to Armin Unruh codes Websites, Dec 06, 2016

    Whoa, the navigation on this

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  • Posted to Spark Mail for macOS is Here, in reply to Jamie Leung , Dec 01, 2016

    Great points here, thanks for the pull quotes on their individual protocols.

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  • Posted to Act Normal, Dec 01, 2016

    Dig the use of the Media Pop Up Effect on the home page and each of the project category pages.

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  • Posted to Isaac Newton's Principia Mathematica Reissue, Oct 18, 2016

    We have spent several months working on a desire. The desire to have a new edition of Isaac Newton’s Principia in our hands that is on a par with the importance of the text and of modern editorial design. To put it back on our shelves so that we can leaf through it from time to time and feel the pages beneath our fingers.

    An opportunity has now arisen. Taking advantage of the fact that the original publication is to celebrate its 330th anniversary in 2017, we wish to republish it with an editorial design that pays attention to every last detail.

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  • Posted to I cannot believe sites like this still exist in the wild, in reply to Hugo Fernandes , Sep 29, 2016

    Ling is a woman! That interview is absolutely incredible:

    My sitemap is great content. The design is a Chinese prison camp and it shows my visitors, live, as they browse my website. It took a lot of coding. I deliberately left it unpolished, but no one else has such a page. If you visit during busy periods, it goes crazy and eventually crashes your browser. But, it has some great cookies (click the jamjar cars icon in the bottom right of my prison compound to make the visitors dance, and also click the cat at the top of the camp, it sings).

    One other stand-out bit of content is my karaoke girl. On my home page, this auto-plays. Everyone says “don’t autoplay music” but honestly, this is SO popular. Saying “don’t” is a good example of idiot web designers making rules that are utter nonsense. I have 2 Chinese girls, Christine Wang and Wei Ya Jun, and they have about 25 songs between them. Refresh the page to get a random selection. This works immensely.

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