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  • Posted to Ask DN: Interest in open-source LayerVault-inspired software for designers?, Apr 12, 2015

    I would use and support this kind of project.

    Perhaps this is a project idea that could further grow and be built by the community?

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  • Posted to Ask DN: What's your SoundCloud account?, Mar 04, 2015

    Great idea - great list so far. Just followed a bunch of you all.

    If you're seeing this, you're a champion scroller, congrats.

    Me on Soundcloud (user: humble)


    • deep / afro house (trending!)
    • electronic and soulful (whatever that means from week to week)
    • just soulful
    • hip hop
    • left field

    Some of my mixes / playlists:

    • Mortgage Music (early 90's house)
    • Spring Sprung Up
    • Brunch with Friends
    • Quiet Thoughts - Steady Work
    • On Your Feet
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  • Posted to Design Sprints, in reply to Lisa Sy , Sep 11, 2014


    When I saw how long that playbook (a/k/a employee handbook) was, I fully intended not to read it.


    But once I began it I found the style of writing, the honesty, and also the actual methods and practices to all add up to a great and fascinating read.

    Well done, Thoughtbot.

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  • Posted to Grav ➔ A Modern PHP Flat-File CMS, Aug 18, 2014

    After taking a deep look at Grav, I wouldn't call it "simple" - at least not the kind of simple that a "flat file" system might imply. However, it is straight forward and is the most well documented open-source project I've seen in a long time. No exaggeration.

    I will use Grav instead of Wordpress for a two/three page side project I have now. I was considering, Pico CMS, but Pico doesn't have the extensive docs or feature road map that Grav has.

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