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  • Posted to Can jobs-to-be-done replace “Front End Developer?, Nov 28, 2019

    Hey there. This is rough but I've been thinking a lot about jobs-to-be-done style roles and alignments, esp. with regard to hiring new designers and developers. Our company is very much organized around this job/solution relationship, and I find that "front end" and "back end" don't really hold up to scrutiny nor align with our service design. Anyway! Curious to hear your thoughts.

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  • Posted to My friends and I started a Web Design News podcast that is pretty silly called W3 Radio. It would be cool if you gave it a listen., Sep 28, 2017

    Hi everyone. So, my friends Dave Ghillhepsy, Dan Sims, and I try to recap the week in web design news, and although we're still feeling things out we're pretty entertained. We're all developers and we take the news seriously [ish], but there's a point where we get really silly. We think it's fun, it's a good excuse for us to hang out, and we'd like to share. <3

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  • Posted to If I wanted to become a project manager, where would I start?, Apr 20, 2017

    Thank you so much for the advice. It reaffirms my gut feeling, and I can tell you she was really -- but briefly, thanks to you all -- discouraged after reading at the PM Institute that certification requires three to five years experience. We were able to find plenty of job posts for PMs that require no certification.

    She just bought the PM Institute course to start levelling-up. Appreciate it, all. I'll keep you posted.

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  • Posted to Best Folder Structure for Design Projects, Feb 25, 2017

    I totally digged this aaand now I'm subscribed. +1

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  • Posted to Listen: Your Front End is Doomed (33:10) - Metric: a UX Podcast , Feb 23, 2017

    Hiya. This is sort of a joke title but it covers stuff outside of our regular niche (normally higher-ed), so I hope you don't mind that I share. We talk about Conversational UI and this trend toward "interface aggregation."

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  • Posted to What is your podcast player?, Jan 20, 2017

    A lot of my friends are recommending Pocket Casts but only after I recently made the arduous switch to Overcast. What I wanted was a universal account, access from the web, and stuff like that - and I am really, really happy with Overcast.

    I hear good things about Pocket Casts, though, but manually transferring all my podcasts into Overcast put me off moving again anytime soon.

    I'm sure either OC or PC solve this problem, but I don't even want to find out right now :).

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  • Posted to After 50 episodes I renamed my UX podcast and we did an episode on Burnout - because we were burnt out. It's been a long week :)., Nov 10, 2016

    Hey all. Just some context. The podcast was sort of niche -- which I think was a good thing -- focusing on user experience design and development for libraries and the higher-ed web. This sort of constrained my partner and I from maybe talking to people outside of that niche, and so at 50 we had a bit of a mid-life crisis and de-niched.

    So, this episode "On Burnout" now introduces my new old thing - Metric: A UX Podcast. I feel good about it and reinvigorated. That's why I'm sharing. Hope it's okay!

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Where are all the UI engineers?, Sep 01, 2016

    This is a pretty interesting problem. I prefer writing CSS to scale, and my favorite dev writers are those like Harry Roberts (@csswizardry), who make CSS their business. But from my perspective the job positions don't often ask for CSS expertise, they presume it's a given - which I think many do.

    I feel like this is front end developers responding to the message put out by those hiring. If there was more apparent demand for CSS experts, you would have them.

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  • Posted to Webflow Interactions 2.0, Aug 30, 2016

    This is really cool! Or, er, it looks cool. There was like zero onboarding so I'm a little confused.

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  • Posted to Podcast: LibUX - Library Service Design with Joe Marquez, Aug 24, 2016

    Hey all, :wave:,

    I haven't shared a link to the podcast I do before, but I am really pretty happy with this episode. FWIW, LibUX is a podcast about design and user experience for libraries and the higher-ed web. It's topically niche, but ultimately UX is UX is UX.

    I've been increasingly interested in service design and it just so happens that this month the American Library Association published the book Library Service Design, so I was grateful to pick the author's brain.

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